Best Weight Loss Tips

Best Tips For Losing Weight

Tips For Losing Weight

So do you really want to lose weight or are you just casually sitting in front your computer flicking from site to site trying to find the easiest hassle free method for weight loss.

Inside most diet or weight loss related magazines and online slimming wesbites you are sure to find articles entitled “Best Weight Loss Tips

So not be left out we have decided to compose our own – but without the politically correct element. More a…

Warts and all Guide to Weight Loss

The bottom line though, is there is no real secret to losing weight – a lot of weight loss products and diet plans do work (obviously some do not) it is the putting into action an idea that the majority struggle with.

1. Exercising To Lose Weight

How do you expect to lose weight without putting in any effort. Exercising is a prerequisite.

Swimming is one the best exercises that the human body can experience. Swimming will utilise nearly muscle in your body – it is fun and not that difficult. The effort to reward ratio is perfect.

The number 1 reason why overweight people do not swim is that they dread the thought of being seen in their bathing costume. Get over yourself, noone is looking.

2. Eat Less And Lose Weight

Nobody has ever lost weight by munching their way through several hamburgers a sitting. Your stomach will grow to expect what you feed it.

If you cannot control your appetite use Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is a natural appetite suppressant that will help reduce your food portion. Hoodia tricks the brain into believing that the stomach is full. Great lazy way to lose weight. More about Hoodia here

3. Dont Buy Clothes

Stop buying clothes for the body you have – buy them for the body you want. Buy clothes that are slightly too small. Eventually the penny will drop that you need to lose weight, either that walk or around naked.

4. Your Fat And You Know You Are

Or do you… Check your Body Mass Index (BMI) here. Do you see yourself as fat, overweight or just slightly big boned.

Admitting that you are overweight is the first step of journey that can be quick or painfully slow depending on how much you really want to lose weight and how much effort you are prepaired to invest.

5. Stop Moaning About Your Weight

Unless there is an underlying reason why you are overweight or have put on weight recently (in which case a visit your GP or doctor is in order) everybody around doesn’t want to hear your sob story.

We are now in the 21st century – there are several hundred ways and means to lose weight (some good, some bad admittedly) It is up to you to do something it about it now.

If money or cost is a problem – you have a strange mentality. Reduce your weekly spend on takeaway and spend it on something that will improve your figure not expand it.

If you have enough money for a weekly helping of Lamb Masala, Pizza, Deep Fried Prawn Balls or a Big Mac and Strawberry Milkshake, you have enough to get started on your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Products On The Cheap

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