Pure Hoodia

Pure Hoodia From Pure Slim

Pure Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii has been a part of the weight loss market for over a decade. Hoodia first became popular largely due to Oprah Winfrey half mentioning that Hoodia may have helped her in battle to beat her own weight problems.

In truth, it is most likely that Oprah has not used a Hoodia product – despite the fact that every producer of diet pills connected with Hoodia uses the chatshow queens image and a soundbite to market their weight loss product.

Pure Hoodia is now obsolete – Hoodia is not available in the UK. PhenQ is a far better option. PhenQ was introduced in 2015 and is regarded to be a strongr appetite suppressant that Hoodia. PhenQ can also acst as a fat burner while preventing a portion of fat from being digested.

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Weight Loss Benefits Of Hoodia

The weight loss benefits of Hoodia are immense – but in recent years Hoodia has been connected with dubious products all claiming to contain genuine CITES certified Hoodia Gordonii. This did at one stage sully the perception of Hoodia.

Hoodia is an appetite suppressant that reduces hunger and stops the craving for food. The results are obvious – the simple equation for weight loss is simple and often over complicated, Eat Less Food.

The theory behind eating less food is all very well but does require will power. Hoodia provides the will power.

Pure Hoodia For Weight Loss

Hoodia is best taken in its raw and natural state – you may be aware of the San Tribesmen Of The Kalahari, and ancient South African tribe that inhabits the region where the Hoodia Gordonii plant grows in the wild.

For centuries the huntsmen have been using raw Hoodia to stop themselves from feeling hungry while on long hunting trips where food is scarce.

It is only in the last decade that the commercial world has realised the implications Hoodia can have on the obese western society we live in.

Pure Hoodia From PureSlim

UK based PureSlim Ltd were one of the first compaines to capitalise on the Hoodia boom. Their flagship product Pure Hoodia has been with us since 1997 and has remained unchanged since its inception.

Pure Hoodia is pure Hoodia, no additives and no filler ingredients – exactly how it is meant to be, exactly how the San Tribesman took and still take their Hoodia.

CITES Certified Hoodia

Genuine Hoodia is now an endangered species and so has to be grown under strict guidelines – A CITES Certificate is a prerequisite for Hoodia suppliers and proof of authenticity.

Pure Hoodia has all the necessary accreditation, proof of authenticity and a long history of success.

pure-hoodia-success-storiesIf your ultimate aim is to lose weight in a safe, natural and controlled manner, suppressing your your appetite is far more effective than the jingoistic Fad Diets that are thrust upon us by the media.

Pure Hoodia has been responsible for numerous weight loss success stories.