The Reverse Diet

Reverse Diet Plan Review

The principle behind the Reverse Diet is to plan your meals in reverse – dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.

But this does not necessarily mean tucking into cornflakes while dressed in evening attire, more a case of eating breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a pauper. So, smaller portions as the day progresses.

Diet experts believe that calories taken on at the start of the day are burnt off easier than later on in the day as we are more mobile at the beginning of the day than at the end. By eating bigger portions when we awake we are least likely to put on weight.

Breakfast Like A King – Dinner like a pauper

History Of The Reverse Diet

Tricia Cunningham is the originator of the Reverse Diet – Tricia lost vast amounts of weight and trimmed her BMI considerably by eating her meals throughout the day in reverse.

A typical breakfast for Tricia would be rice and vegetables. While in the evening just a bowl of cereal or a slice of toast.

In conjuntion with nutritionist Heidi Skolnik, Tricia put her expertise into the best selling book that has become a huge hit with Hollywood A-listers.

The Reverse Diet Rules

There are three main rules

1. Start the day with a big breakfast

2. Eat a smaller lunch Finish the day with a tiny dinner

3. Eat a Small dinner

Of all the all the diets and diet plans in existence this has to be the easiest to follow – but how Tricia Cunningham managed to spin a complete book out of this principle is both amazing and profitable.

The book draws up meal plans and recipe ideas and if you don’t relish the idea of meat and potatoes for breakfast, just eat more of what you usually have in the morning and gradually reduce the amount you eat at each meal.

Is The Reverse Diet Plan Effective

The author claims that it was responsible for 162lbs of weight loss. Some of the A-list celebrities who are keen followers of the Reverse Diet include: Denise Van Outen, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce Knowles

The Pro’s

Reducing the size of you food portion before bedtime is a major positive, spending eight hours or so with a stomach full of food is not the healthiest of instances.

The Con’s

Who has time in the morning to prepare a large meal before the start of a busy schedule (apart from Beyonce et al)


Nothing rally can be gained form the buying the book – 200 pages of waffle to describe the reversal principle.

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