Xenical Prescription Slimming Drug

Xenical Orlistat Review

xenical-fat-blockerXenical is the brand name of the weight loss drug Orlistat – make no mistake Xenical is drug and a very powerful one at that and designed to treat obesity.

There is nothing remotely natural or herbal about Xenical, it is a pharmaceutically produced compound that should only be taken under strict supervision of a doctor or GP.

Xenical is a prescription only diet pill that cannot be bought from the high street or via the internet legally – although black market purchases are easily made on the web they should be avoided however tempting. The most likely outcome will most possibly be a very expensive fake Xenical product.

Xenical How Does It Work

Xenical is a fat blocker that prevent some fat from being digested. A percentage of the fat consumed from your food will be stopped or blocked from being absorbed into your body.

The practice behind the theory is incredibly simple but effective. Fat blockers and fat binders are by far a more effective weight loss genre than fat burners or carb blockers. Fat blockers and fat binders tackle the cause of the problem rather than try to clean up the aftermath.

Side Effects Caused By Xenical

Will not cause any serious side effects – a side effect that is a usual occurence but to be expected is an increase in the frequency of bowel movements. Over a quarter of the food you eat is not being digested and turned into fat and so has to leave the body.

Xenical Testimonials And Slimming Success Stories

Xenical doesn’t really rely on testimonials or promote individual slimming success stories. Xenical has been around for quite some and has become the defacto prescription pill.

How To Obtain Xenical

Make an appointment to visit your GP or Doctor if your BMI is very high you may be eligible for a prescription.

BMI (Body Mass Index) is an indication that will give you and idea of your current weight situation. Check Your BMI

Alternatives To Xenical

Phenq-6PhenQ is natural fat binder that shares many characteristics in its workings with Xenical. PhenQ is the natural equivalent and a the non prescription alternative.

PhenQ was one of the most successful slimming products of of the last few years.

PhenQ is clinically proven and is classified as Medical Device Type 1.

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