Diet & Weight Loss Patches

Diet & Weight Loss Patch

Weight Loss patches are becoming increasingly more popular and common. They offer a dieter an alternative to diet pills whilst administering a similar weight loss benefit.

A weight loss patch is preferred by dieters who find either the concept or the swallowing of diet pills uncomfortable.

The advantage a weight loss patch has over a diet pill is that there is less opportunity to miss a dose. A diet patch in most cases is applied once every 48 hours – they do not rely on a regimented “3 times a day before meals” scenario.

Diet patches are also very discreet and look almost identical to a band aid or sticking plaster.

How Does A Weight Loss Patch Work

Without trying to be to technical a diet patch uses the Transdermal Delivery System – or in layman’s terms, application through the skin.

Once applied, the ingredients contained within the diet patch will be introduced into the bloodstream in a time controlled manner.

Do Weight Loss Patches Really Work

Generally speaking yes, although it largely depends on the brand. Some patches are very effective, some are not.

Currently the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) are investigating outrageous claims made by several leading weight loss patch manufacturers as to the efficacy of their products.

The weight loss patch industry is no different to any other – there are effective products and some not so effective.

What Is More Effective Diet Pill Or Diet Patch

A clinically proven diet pill will always out perform a even the most effective diet patch. Potency aside – it is more a case what method best suits.

If you are forgetful, find swallowing tablets difficult or feel uneasy with the concept of a diet pill then a patch is a realistic alternative without too much of a compromise.

Most Popular Weight Patches

The Slim Weight Patch

Slim-weight-patchThe Slim Weight Patch is the most popular and widely sold diet patch currently the market.

The Slim Weight Patch is still the most effective and contains 100% natural ingredients.

It is a continual appetite suppressant which works by releasing natural weight loss ingredients, via a patch, placed on the body. Each patch works for a full 24 hours, giving the benefit of working whilst you are asleep.

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Acai Berry Diet Patch

AcaiPatchAcai Is considered to be the number one superfood that contribute to not only weight loss but also provides detox and cleansing benefits.

Acai is very nutritious and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

The Acai Diet Patch also contains green tea – considered to be the most effective natural fat burner.

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