What Diet Tablet Did Billie Faiers Take

Billie Faiers And Diet Tablets

Another TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) star has revealed her weight loss secret after appearing in the media recently.

Billie Faiers, the British Blonde Bombshell has had a photo shoot done, looking rather trim.

Billie has said that working out coupled with the use of a diet supplement has been the reason for her new honed and toned physique.

The diet tablet that Billie used was a fat burner that is also regularly in the media spotlight. namely Capsiplex.

Capsiplex is quickly becoming the diet tablet of choice for many a celebrity with Brad Pitt, J-Lo and Britney amongst its more famous clientele.

Capsiplex utilizes the heat from red hot chili pepper – a natural substance that has been researched by the health industry extensively and is said to burn excess body fat extremely effectively.

The marketing people behind the product have highlighted the fact that taking one Capsiplex tablet could burn just as many calories as jogging for 25 minutes or riding a bike for 40 minutes.

Capsiplex has sold in excess of 1 million units and is one of the most widely sold diet products in the UK ans across Europe and the United States.

Capsiplex is available to buy direct with a GP prescription

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