Apple Cider Tablets

Apple Cider Tablets From Boots

Boots the chemist are broadening their range of slimming supplements with the latest being Apple Cider Tablets.

Apple cider  is a natural substance that seems to be beneficial to a whole host of human conditions and in particular, digestion and weight loss.

Apple cider shares in many ways to Aloe Vera in so much as it is completely natural compound and can aid human health in a variety of ways. More About Aloe Vera

Apple cider  has been used for medicinal purposes throughout the ages. The Babylonians first converted wine into vinegar 5000 years ago using date palms, grapes, and figs while believing vinegar had exceptional healing properties.

Apple Cider Tablets are a highly concentrated health formula that is combined with artichoke extract which can help maintain a healthy digestion.

Highly concentrated bio-available Apple Cider vinegar tablets combined with:

Artichoke Extract – May help maintain a healthy digestion.

Dandelion Extract -May help maintain normal body fluid balance.

Other ingredients include: Apple cider vinegar powder, stabilisers (cellulose), Cynara scolymus (globe artichoke), Taraxacum officinale (dandelion), anti-caking agent (vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide) Negligible energy, protein, carbohydrates and fat.

How To take Apple Cider Tablets

the best advice is to take 2 to 3 tablets at the beginning of the day with water.

Where To Buy Apple Cider Tablets

Available from Boots the Chemist

Looking Elsewhere

Pure Aloe Vera TabletsAloe Vera is the most beneficial substance for a healthy digestion.

The problem with a amjority of natural Apple Cider Vinegar products is the amount of additives and other chemical that are present. This does tend to dilute the effect.

Aloe Vera , in particular Aloeride contain just the one ingredient without any extra substances.

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