Diet Plans & Programs

The most common and widely used method for weight loss is the diet. How many times have you heard a friend, family member or even told yourself “I am going on a diet.”

Goodi intentions are a prerequisite but “going on a diet” involves more than words and good intentions – you need a battle plan or Diet Plan.

Starting a diet does not just involve eating less – giving your body less food than it is usually accustomed to may have the opposite desired effect. Your body may go into starvation mode and start to preserve and hang on to excess body fat.

Why Is A Diet Plan Important

A diet plan or diet program (programme) can be as complex or simple as you want it to be. A majority of the diet plans that hail from the USA are very much geared toward the complex – whereas UK originated diet plans are simplistic but effective.

Obesity, overeating and weight gain is more of a problem in the USA than in the UK and across Europe. This tells us that it is a combination of American dietary habits and over complex diet plans that provide the main cause of the American obesity problem.