Gillian McKeith Interactive

Gillian McKeith’s Diet Club

gillian-mckeithSelf styled weight loss guru and nutrionist, Gillian McKeith has her fingers in several health related pies – in recent years she has become the quintessential “like her or loathe her” type of TV health personality.

Gillian’s qualifications were recently questioned – She has a PhD but is not a qualified medical Doctor and so subsequently agreed to remove the “Dr” prefix from her ever increasing product range. She is now just plain old Gillian McKeith.

This shouldn’t detract from Gillian’s expertise in holistic nutrition and health and wellbeing. She is after all still a Doctor.

Best Known for her TV show You Are What You Eat, Gillian has become synonymous with the thing we dont like to talk about – poo.

Gillian McKeith Interactive

Gillians latest weight loss product is Gillian McKeith Interactive – a subscription service aimed at attracting a healthier lifestyle for us all individually.

A unique and personal health profile can be created for just £24.95 (a one off payment.) Or for £9.95 a month subscribers can enjoy a completely bespoke service and participate in

The basic principle behind Gillians product range is very much centred around what comes out of our back sides, to put it crudely. By encouraging us to eat more healthily we can influence the regularity of our bowel movements.

According To Gillian McKeith

64% of People Suffer From Feeling Bloated

57% Of People Fail To Poo Daily

Anyone who has seen Gillian in action on TV either as host of one of her own shows or as a guest on another will realise just how passionate she is about number two’s.

Is Gillian McKeiths Boot Camp Worth The Money

If you do fall into one of the above categories then Gillians health plan and Boot Camp may offer good value.

Gillian has many subscribers to her Interactive program and Boot Camp and does offer many variables not just a one size fits all diet plan.

Overall £24.95 is good value is if you are intent on buying and following a health or diet plan.