Diet Plan From Tesco

Tesco eDiets 2009

join-tesco-edietsIf you are seriously thinking about reducing your weight or revisiting an earlier attempt that may have not been the greatest success what are you going to do – or do differently this time?

Trying to lose weight or excess body fat is incredibly simple in theory but it is when the theory is put into practice that most us come a little unstuck.

Step forward Tesco eDiets

You would have thought one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK would understand a thing or two about food and nutrition – and you’d be right.

Tesco produce what is possibly the simplest, most effective and best value diet plan the UK has to offer.

American focused diet plans and programmes (programs) are guilty of over complicating matters with unnecessary technical spin.

In truth, there isn’t an awful lot involved to creating a healthy balanced daily diet once the basic are understood.

it is just a question of consuming less calories than you expel.

What Is Tesco eDiets

Tesco eDiets offer a wide range of diet plans and services that can be tailored to suit individual needs.

  • Personalised weekly meal plans…
  • A weekly shopping list…
  • A mentor to help you…
  • A weekly weigh-in…
  • Ask our team of nutrition and motivation experts
  • Access to a large online community…
  • Attend regular online meetings…
  • Attend regular online meetings…

Tesco eDiet Success Stories

There have been many positive success stories published both independently and via the Tesco eDiets website.


Tesco eDiets Support

The one thing lacking in a majority of online diet programmes is the lack of human intervention. The internet is great for speed but sometimes lacks the human touch.

Tesco (being Tesco) rely very much on the speed and convenience of the web but also the importance of interaction with real people.

The support that Tesco eDiets provides is second to none – Click here to meet the people who run the system

All this for just £1.50 per week

Tesco Diets is no longer available – click here to read about our recommended diet product