Jenny Craig Diet Review

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

The Jenny Craig Diet or Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program is one of the most discussed diet plans on both sides of the Atlantic. The program started in  New Zealand and Australia and then went worldwide – thanks to the internet.

There have been many articles detailing the benefits that can received by joining the Jenny Craig Diet.  It has become very popular largely due to the mainstream media campaigns, such as television, radio and magazine advertisements.

There have been celebrity endorsements promoting the Jenny Craig Diet from Queen Latifah to Kirstie Alley, however the question by many looking for an effective diet to lose weight is simple- does it work? Are the endorsements geared toward profit or effect.

What is The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

Founded in 1983, Jenny Craig, Inc. is one of the largest and best known weight management service companies in the world. The Company can offer consumers a comprehensive weight management program that helps educate dieter about portion control, develop a healthy relationship with food, increase their energy level through simple activity as well as building more balance into their lives for optimal weight loss and well-being.

Kirtie Alley was the face and body of the Jenny Craig Weight Loss program …..

The latest celebrity to endorse the range of products is  ….Queen Latifah

How Does The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Work

From the start a dieter will be assigned a personal weight loss consultant. A member will then be advised to follow a specifically designed diet plan with meals coming from the company.

Before reaching mid point of their fitness goal, each member must purchase all meals, prepackaged and specifically designed, from the company.

Only by reaching this mid point will a member be then allowed to cook their own meals at a rate of three to four instances per week. All meals cooked at home will still need to follow the meals required and recipes included in the weight loss plan.

In addition to the prepackaged meals, that include full meals as well as snacks and desserts, members can also eat fruits and vegetables as well as low-fat dairy products that can be bought in stores. In addition to the pre-packaged meals and snacks or desserts, a member can eat fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products readily available to purchase on the high street.

Jenny Craig also promotes exercise and supplies motivational material.

Is The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Worth The Money

Most services that promote fitness, diet and exercise could be classed as worth the money as a small step has been taken to achieve a weight loss goal

However in the case of the Jenny Craig Weight Loss program it does rather feel as though you are part of a large corporation and are paying large corporation pricing.

Alternative Weight Loss Programs

Two of the better weight loss programs hail from the UK.

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