Tesco Diets

The Tesco eDiet Plan

Tesco Diets

There are hundreds of diet plans available for us to try. Most seem to stem form the USA. The UK market is more staid in its approach to promoting a diet program compared to the other side of the Atlantic.

The already “stick thin” attractive, usually famous female does not hold any sway with the critical and sceptical UK audience.

One of the most widely used and popular diet plans is from UK supermarket chain Tesco – called unsurprisingly the Tesco Diet or Tesco eDiet.

A majority of diet plans or programs involve the dieter going without or creating meals around less than appealing (or boring) combinations of foods.

Tesco eDiets is as far removed from the less is more scenrio. The Tesco Diet is not a starvation diet.

Tesco eDiets Explained

sample-tesco-dietYou would have thought that the largest supermarket chain in the UK would know a thing or two about food and which combinations will produce a healthier meal, your assumption would be correct.

Some diet plans appear to be either thrown together or so over complex and complicated that a masters degree in food science would appear necessary.

A large proportion of diet plans are geared toward to profit – after you, the dieter, has input all the necessary characterstics of your usual eating habits a highly convoluted diet plan is produced with the end game being a purchase od specially branded products. Diet plans can be quite expensive to put it mildly

The Tesco eDiet costs £1.50 a week and does not require you to buy specially branded food products. If you choose to buy your products from Tesco’s all well and good (for Tesco) if you do not – then you do not. You are not tied or expected to buy Tesco produce!

How Do Tesco Diets Work

sample-tesco-diet-planSimplicity itself – visit the TescoDiet website and create a free profile. It is important to remember to be completely truthful, you will not benefit if you lie to yourself … or to the free diet creation tool.

After this you will be presented with a choice of foods based around what you enjoy – not around food you don’t.

Example Tesco Diet Plans

There is no one size fits all – there is a starting point and then you compose your own – click a button and a print out will reveal what you should buy – from anywhere not just from Tesco.

  • The GI Diet
  • The Meditarrean Diet
  • The Low Carb Diet
  • The Healthy Eating Plan

If you are curious about the Tesco Diet plan and want to learn more.

Currently Tesco’s are offering a 4 weeks free trial. Extremely easy to join, understand and participate in.

After the free trial expires if you want to continue its starts from only £1.50 per week

Tesco Diet is no longer available – click here to read about our highest recommended diet product