Fat Burning With Green Tea

Green Tea and Fat Burning

Green Tea For Fat Burning

Weight loss, fat burning and Green Tea have a long and distinguished partnership. Green Tea has been used by many civilizations spanning several centuries.

The health benefits of Green Tea are not just connected to fat burning but alround general health.

Green Tea is a natural substance and shares many similarities with Aloe Vera by way of public perception – the obvious exception being is that Aloe Vera is not a stimulant, quite the opposite.

Both Green Tea and Aloe Vera are best used in their natural state with as least intervention from science as possible.


Product Release

Tava Tea is now available in the UK.

“Tava Tea has enjoyed amazing success across the Atlantic in America with A list celebrities such as Courtenay Cox, Victoria Beckham and Oprah all keen advocates.”

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Producers of health products understand this but still feel the need to alter and interfere with the power of Mother Nature.

How Does Green Tea Burn Fat

Green Tea extract has a high caffeine content – caffeine is a stimulant that can raise the metabolism. When the body’s metobolism is increased or raised it can often lead to the flight or fight mode where the the body is ready for action.

Think of Green Tea as the fuel needed for the body to help itself lose or reduce excess body fat. Body fat is not “burned” by inaction. It is mobility that causes the fat stored to be converted into energy.

The second factor that Green Tea is beneficial for  is as a glucose regulator. Properties within Green Tea can slow down the digestive system allowing the body to absorb less fat from food consumed.

Is Green Tea Effective For Weight Loss

Generally speaking Green Tea is effective and has been used throughout history. Both as a lone product or part of another – Green Tea is often used to “sell” a weight loss product.

What Is The Most Effective Green Tea

Tava Tea has been extremely successful in the United States and is now available to buy in the UK

Tava Tea contains 3 of the most potents green teas.

The Sunday Express featured Tava Tea on the front page in July 2010.

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