Hoodia Mint

Mint Flavoured Hoodia Tablets

Hoodia is found in many slimming pills and weight loss products and not just appetite suppressants.

Hoodia does tend to spark excitement when the ingredient is revealed in a new product aimed at the diet industry.

Now we have Hoodia Mint, a  new approach utilising the effect of Hoodia – and not a bad product too.

Chewable Hoodia tablets are pretty much en vogue at the moment and often billed as weight loss on the move.

What Are Hoodia Mints

the official Hoodia Mint Website makes the following statement

“In order to overcome the naturally bitter taste of Hoodia Gordonii in it’s original form, we have added a fresh minty taste to our tablets to allow even those unable to swallow standard tablets a way to benefit from Hoodia”

While this is partially true – most Hoodia products are in either in tablet or patch from – the taste is largely irrelevant. But in fairness to the producers of Hoodia mint is a unique approach and one that kind of works.

It is also claimed that using diet pills can have a stigma attached and so a disguising a Hoodia tablets what  is in essence, a sweet, can counteract that.

Hoodia Mints Ingredients

Just two ingredients: one is pretty obvious, the other is Xylitol

Xylitol is a sugar substitute – it is a natural sweetener that is present in the fibres of many vegetables and fruits. Its inclusion in the formula is to provide the taste and nothing else

Hoodia Mints And Side Effects

Nothing reported and nothing is likely to be. Hoodia is natural substance and will not cause any adverse reaction

Does Hoodia Mint Work

Hoodia Mint is proving extremely popular and the association it has now has with Holland & Barrett is a plus point.

Where To Buy Hoodia Mint

As mentioned, Hoodia Mint can be purchased from Holland & Barrett Online

Alternative Hoodia Products

Pure Hoodia – a certified and legal Hoodia product that uses REAL hoodia powder and not extract.

Hoodia is not Hoodia contrary to popular belief. Pure Hoodia is the original and best with a 10 year history.

If you want to but a Hoodia product then give Pure Hoodia serious consideration.

More about Pure Hoodia