Lipobind Fat Binder

Lipobind Fat Binder Review

Lipobind Fat Binder

One of the most frequently searched for weight loss pills online, particularly in the UK is Lipobind. Lipobind is sold in most major health food stores including Boots the Chemist and Superdrug.

Lipobind has been available to buy over the counter and online via the web for quite some time now – it has a solid history and reputation amongst consumers.

Lipobind produces a range of weight loss products detailed further down.

How Does Lipobind Work

A fat binder by genre, Lipobind works in much the same way as Xenical, Alli and Proactol – fat binding and fat blocking weight loss pills stop the fat from food consumed being absorbed into the body upto 27% in some cases.

So theoretically a quarter of the fat from the food you consume will not become part of your waistline, hips or other areas where fatty deposits congregate.

Best Diet Pills To Buy Over The Counter In The UK

Without a change to your diet it is guestimated that 150 calories can be struck off of the total calorific input from a standard sized meal – ideal for lazy dieters.

Lipobind Weight Loss Products

Lipobind has a line up three weight loss products.

Lipobind Essential Weight Loss Pack

  • 60 Lipobind weight loss pill
  • 4 weight management advice booklets
  • Daily diet and exercise routine plan
  • Multifunction pedometre
  • Tap measure

Lipobind Weight Loss Pills Standard Pack

  • 60 Lipobind weight loss pills


  • Daily vitamin and minerals
  • Essential supplement for the immune system

Lipobind Side Effects

Should not cause any serious side effects – it is always advised to read the instructions and not exceed the daily stated dosage.

Lipobind Weight Loss products

Lipobind Consumer Feedback

One the whole the consumer feedback is positive, ex Eastenders actress Lucy Benjamin has attributed her recent weight loss success to the use of Lipobind.

Where to Buy Lipobind

Lipobind can be purchased from many pharmacies and chemists

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