LipoFibre From Holland And Barrett

LipoFibre Does It Work

Holland and Barrett manufacture LipoFibre, which is a fibre complex that is plant sourced and unique. The makers claim that this product will healthily control the user’s weight.

Both Vegans & Vegetarians can use this product, and Holland and Barrett have seemingly combined multiple fat binders to formulate their own version, which shares some characteristics with Lipobind – another popular fat binder.

The product is entirely organic and doesn’t have any artificial preservatives, sweeteners or flavours in it. LipoFibre is delivered in a sixty caplet carton. You are told to digest 2-3 caplets in advance of your main meals if you are wanting to manage your weight while dieting.

In contrast, if you are wanting to sustain your body weight, you are told to digest 1-2 caplets before your main meals. You should step this dosage up to two or three caplets, if you are eating a meal that has high fat levels. The caplets are meant to be digested alongside 250 millilitres of water, a half-hour prior to eating.

You are not supposed to exceed a dosage of nine caplets daily, and you are also told to swallow plenty of water while you boost your consumption of fibre. You are recommended to swallow 6-8 water glasses (minimum) and, as with the majority of fat reduction products, the makers only guarantee LipoFibre will work when taken alongside a well designed diet and exercise program.

LipoFibre Contents

All LipoFibre caplets have 200 milligrams of Psyllium Seed Husks (Plantago Ovata), and 200 milligrams of Nopalactin Leaf (Opuntia Ficus-indica). Further ingredients are: Anti Caking Components (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide & Stearic Acid), Bulking Components (Hydroxypropyl Methycellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate & Microcrystalline Cellulose), powdered Nopalactin Leaf & powdered Psyllium Husk.

Often-times, Nopalactin Leaf is included in fat reduction products because it hinders fat absorption. In healthy humans, Nopalactin Leaf lessens oxidative stress along with blood lipid levels.

Psyllium Seed Husks are a medicinal plant, grown in the South & West of Asia. This plant possesses organic fibres that have a pivotal role in sustaining general health. Moreover, the plant can combat tiredness & energy loss.

LipoFibre Side Effects 

Swallowing this product in the absence of enough water could give you a blocked throat and make you choke. So, LipoFibre will not be usable by those who have swallowing problems. If you notice any problems with swallowing / breathing, chest pain or illness after you have digested this supplement, you are told to acquire medical help instantly. Breast-feeding or pregnant mothers-to-be should avoid this product.

LipoFibre Summary

At the time of writing, no consumer reviews have been posted online about LipoFibre, so it is still a relative unknown. Holland and Barrett do have integrity though, and they advertise LipoFibre as a guaranteed quality product, which should make us cautiously optimistic.

Few could doubt that LipoFibre has some good ingredients included, and the majority of consumers could cope with the recommended dose. These facts, in conjunction with the sensible guidance provided on exercise and dieting, should attract some people to this product.

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