Capsiplex 7 Things You Should Know

Thinking Of Buying Capsiplex?

Capsiplex fat burnerCapsiplex was one of the most popular products of 2017 and 2018 looks set to continue in the same vein.

The chili fat burner that claims to be able help you burn calories more efficiently  was one of the best selling fat burning products in not just the UK but the world over.

There have been so many column inches written about Capsiplex with so many positives it is truly a product that the UK can be proud of.

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Here are 10 things you should know about Capsiplex

Capsiplex Press Coverage1. When Capsiplex was first introduced to the commercial market in 2010 it took an estimated 50,000 units in advanced orders prior to release. Making in one of the most successful launches ever in the weight loss industry. The rush to obtain it resulted in stock levels completely running dry after just three days sparking articles in the mainstream media.

It took a mere 6 months for Capsiplex ship its one millionth bottle with over 90% of order coming directly from its own website.

2. Capsiplex has been associated with a string of high profile celebrities from both sides of the Atlantic. Most notable from a UK perspective is former Emmerdale Actress Roxanne Pallett. Watch her on video talking about her experience with Capsiplex

3. A large majority of weight loss products are designed to rid the body of water. They are nothing more than a diuretic. Diuretics CAN aid the weight loss process initially by removing excess water but as soon as the body takes on water or liquid again all the weight lost is put back on again.

Once you learn to realise the difference between weight loss and fat loss your dieting and slimming attempts will be significantly more fruitful.

Capsiplex contains ingredients that are targeted towards fat burning and the transference of stored fat cells into actual usable energy.

4. Capsiplex have possibly the most simple to understand and descriptive media campaigns created to highlight was sort of results you could expect without using language and terminology designed to confuse.


5. Capsiplex contains cayenne pepper (also known as capsicum and chili pepper). There have been many studies and impartial clinical trials over the past 3 decades that link capsicum with the fat burning process.

Cayenne pepper can have a profound effect on raising the metabolic rate of the body which helps to transfer fat reserves into energy.

Consuming capsaicin, found in cayenne pepper, may encourage your body to use more fat as fuel, found a study by David Heber of the University of California Los Angeles Center for Human Nutritio

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6. Capsiplex also contains Niacin a natural compound that has multiple benefits to health including helping to lower cholesterol levels and helping to breakdown fat cells.

Niacin binds to and stimulates a G-protein-coupled receptor, GPR109A, which causes the inhibition of fat breakdown in adipose tissue.

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7. Capsiplex is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. A salient point that appears to get overlooked in almost all product reviews is that although the ingredients may be free from animal by-products the capsule itself could be made from all manner or materials. The capsule used to contain the ingredients 100% vegecap.


8. Capsiplex is available to a discount from the official website with a incredible savings using a promotional code that will last for a set period. The promotion will run until a set number of units have been sold.

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