Phentramin-d Review

Phentramin-d The Legal Phentermine

phentramin-d-ukPhentramin-d has replaced the original product, called unsurprisingly, Phentramin

It now includes two trademarked and pharmaceutical quality substances – namely Dimethylpentylamine hydrochloride and Tri-methylxanthine.

The official website looks remarkably similar to dozens of others with a typically American flavour to it

What Is Phentramin-d

Basically an appetite suppressant, fat burner and metabolism booster combined to form an all in one dietary supplement that is available without prescription or GP intervention.

Although, judging by the marketing material the impression given is that it is just on the borders of legality.

Is Phentramin-D The Legal Phentermine

The manufacturers and various review websites try to draw similarities between it and Phentermine and Adipex – suggesting that Phentramin-d is the non prescription alternative to a powerful chemically enhanced weight loss product. More about Phentermine

Another angle that is used quite aggressively is to try distance itself from Hoodia based products with quotes such as “stop wasting money on those Hoodia pills

From an appetite suppressant perspective, the two substances that have been pretty much unrivalled over the last decade or so are Phentermine (available only via prescription) and the more natural Hoodia Gordonni.

To try to cast aspersions on Hoodia Gordonni could be considered to be not the wisest of decisions as Hoodia has has a much larger following and much better safety record than its prescription only counterpart.

The last decade has installed Hoodia, or at least products made from raw Hoodia CITES certified powder, as the most effective, safest natural way to suppress appetite.

Phentramin-d Side Effects

Weight loss products that induce a fat burning effect can play host to several side effect issues such as

  • Dry Mouth
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Headache

Does Phentramin-d Work

The testimonials on the official website are of course positive, as you would expect – less biased sources paint a different picture.

Where To Buy Phentramin-D

Not available to purchase in the high street, an internet only product that does not appear to have a UK presence.

Alternatives To Phentramin-D

best-diet-pillsPhentermine apart the most obvious rival product is Hoodia.

There are several dozen if not hundreds of Hoodia based products available to purchase – Hoodia is completely natural and so non prescription.

If you are confused about whether to possibly obtain a diet pill from your GP or run the gauntlet of the over the counter marketplace. Read Best Slimming Tablets