Most Effective Slimming Tablets

Best Slimming Tablets To Buy

most-effective-diet-pillsIf you have made the decision to do something about your current weight issue and the slimming tablet route is one that you want to explore – please be mindful that the slimming tablet industry is worth in excess of a billion pounds and increasing each year.

This lucrative market creates competition between rival manufacturers and producers of slimming related products. Some manufacturers have been found guilty of over stepping the boundaries with their advertising and marketing campaigns and making claims that are not and have not been substantiated.

Slimming tablets that are only available via prescription do not suffer from “over advertising” as these kind of products are not available to freely purchase.

Prescription Slimming Tablets

Prescription only slimming tablets are exactly that – via prescription only, to qualify you must be first classified as extremely over weight or obese with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 32. Secondly not all GP’s are in favour of prescribing slimming tablets, it is largely dependent on you GP’s stance.

Prescription slimming tablets are chemically based, pharmaceutically produced drugs – this should be taken into consideration if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to be granted a prescription.

If you do not qualify for a course of prescription tablets it is the over the counter (otc) market for you. Over the counter (or non prescription) basically means products that are free to buy without the need of GP or doctor administration.

Over The Counter Slimming Tablets

Over the counter slimming tablets are not chemically produced and are usually made up of herbal and natural compounds. It is this market (non prescription) that can cause potential consumers the most problems.

Over the counter (herbal or natural) based products do not have to adhere so tightly to strict guidelines  set down by the FDA and MHRA. It is these governmental (FDA for USA and MHRA for UK) departments that control how a product is perceived and produced and also to ensure the product is fit for human consumption.

Many over the counter slimming tablets have have no medical backing, have undergone absolutely no clinical trials and have no certification to back up their weight loss claims.

Most Reputable Slimming Tablets

Below are four products that are either available via prescription only of free to purchase – all have undergone clinical trials and have the necessary documentation to prove efficacy, safety and consumer interest.

Capsiplex – the unmitigated success story of recent times. The chilli diet pill that has received masses of airtime and newspaper coverage in the media in most parts of the world

Capsiplex is a proven fat burner with some ingredients that have some pretty compelling clinical evidence. The Daily Mail revealed that one of the ingredients included is usually reserved for the NHS – the headline read “Diet Wonder NHS Drug Snapped Up Slimmers

Capsiplex sales went through the roof shelves ran dry within its first three days of launch in the UK and has sold a reported one million units in its first six months.

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Meratol – has also received a large amount of media exposure after some ridiculously impressive advance orders were billed prior to release. An estimated 30,000 units were pre-purchased.

Meratol is an advanced slimming complex that employes a 4 tier system that tackles all elements of weight loss.

Meratol not only targets weight loss but also the initial causes of weight gain. It is suggested that Meratol can help you to lose 3 – 5lbs per week if used regularly.

Meratol combines the use of a fat burner, carb and fat blocker and appetite suppressant.

The Daily Express has nicknamed Meratol the “Miracle Weight Loss Pill

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Proactol Plus
– a highly effective appetite suppressant and fat binder that is based on a cactus extract.

While a majority of other diet pills product tend to use the cheaper ingredients Proactol Plus employs the use of the clinically proven. Proactol Plus is slightly more expensive than its competition – but bear in mind is Proactol is fully certified by the MHRA .

Proactol Plus has been available to buy for several years and has just about the most clinical data and documentation written about it compared to any other diet supplement.

Proactol Plus is safe for human consumption and fully accredited. Proactol Plus is highly recommended.

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Phen375 – the legal alternative to the diet drug Phentermine.

Phentermine was one of the strongest diet drugs ever to have existed but did have one or two negative aspects to it. It was prone to cause some users side effects and was subsequently withdrawn.

Phentermine was also prescription only. If Phentermine as it was then was around today it would probably have the awe about it as technology and research into weight loss has improved dramatically over the last few year.

Phen375 is Phentermine evolved – it is manufactured in FDA approved facilities and uses pharmacy grade ingredients.

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