Acai Patch Review

Acai Weight Loss Patch

AcaiPatchThe acai berry in most quarters is considered to be the best natural substance for all round human health.

It is generally accepted to be the Number One Superfood.

This small round grape-like berry has so many health benefits it should be an essential part of your daily diet.

Acai usually is focused around weight loss and not without good reason. Acai can raise the metabolism and aid the fat burning process as well as producing and appetite suppressing effect.

Combating the effects of hunger will reduce your daily calorie intake while raising your metabolism will provide an energy boost and burn excess body fat.

Acai Patch

The Acai Patch is a unique new product using the most kind of Acai, namely Freeze-Dried Açaí Berry plus Green Tea extract

Through transdermal nutrient release, the powerful ingredients are gradually absorbed into the skin at a steady pace to allow 24 hours worth of antioxidant power.

Acai Patch – 30 Day Supply Only £19.95

If you want to experience weight loss at a steady and healthy rate then Acai and diet patch technology is the perfect combination.

Is is of vital importance that Acai is freeze dried upon harvest as soon as possible to seal the goodness and health benefit. As soon as the Acai is picked it starts to die and lose is antioxidant power.

Green tea is a superb fat burner that has been used for centuries by many civilization around the globe.

How Does The Acai Patch Work

Acai-PatchApply the patch to a hairless part of the skin, usually the upper arm, thigh or abdomen.

The ingredients are then gradually released into the body. Weight loss Patches are an ideal alternative to capsule form weight loss products and ideal for people who have trouble swallowing tablets

Weight loss patches are unlikely to cause side effects as the ingredients are introduced slowly and not likely to shock your system.

You are less likely to miss a dose with a weight loss – as the patch is usually can be applied, worn and forgotten for upto 48 hours.

Where To Buy Acai Weight Loss Patch

The Acai patch can be purchased from Evolution Slimming, a UK focused authorised supplier.

There are several packages available ranging from approximately £20 for a one month supply.

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