Tesco Slim Aid

Slim Aid From Tesco

High street supermarket Tesco stock a variety of slimming products from several well known manufacturers – now they are stocking their own formulation.

The typical branded products you will see in the weight loss section at Tesco are the likes of: Adios, Lipobind, Alli, and Appesat.

Slim Aid is advertised as a natural and herbal remedy containing fucus (a seaweed), dandelion and boldo (a South American herb) it is very similar to the aforementioned Adios.

In fact in all probability Tesco has re-branded the Adios product under its own license.

Tesco Slim Aid Side Effects

Highly unlikely to cause any harmful side effects if taken as suggested.

Does Tesco Slim Aid Work

Not the most effective of slimming products it has to be said. User reviews and consumer comments contained in various weight loss forums are somewhat mixed.

Where To Buy Tesco Slim Aid

In store at Tesco costing around £3.99

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