Eye Lifting Strips On Lorraine Show

Eye Lift Strips As Seen On Lorraine Show

Eye Secrets, coined the ‘Instant Eye Lift‘ has been receiving media attention again – this time its from Lorraine Kelly on her morning ITV lifestyle program, Lorraine.

Eye Secrets is three products in one (that can be purchased separately) targeted towards the short term and longer effects of aging around the eye area.

The Instant Eye Lift is possibly the most newsworthy product as it can transform tired, droopy and hooded eyelids in seconds – it is ideal if you are going someone and want to look your best or suffering from a vanity attack in front of the camera.

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The concept is simple – clear adhesive non irritating strips that fit just above your eye holding back loose skin transforming the appearance of your eyes in seconds.

If you want to understand a little more as to how they work and see them in action watch the Eye Secrets Video

The other two product are more for the longer term and are the more seriously tackle antiaging.

The Instant Eye Tightener is a collagen based cream that is applied under the ye to where the skin can become thin as we get older.

The appearance of dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles can be significantly reduced quickly.

The Lash Growth Accelerator can create fuller longer looking eye lashes. It also works on eyebrows.

All three Eye Secrets product can be bought from the official Eye Secrets for £64.99 – we think this is great product and thoroughly worth investing in.

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