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Green Coffee Extract For Weight Loss

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Green Coffee Extract Benefits

Derived from the Coffea Arabica plant’s green beans, Green Coffee Extract contains plenty of chlorogenic acid.

This plant compound is completely natural and functions by lowering the absorption of sugar from the gut and speeding up the body’s rate of fat burning.

This potent mixture can naturally assist you in increasing your metabolic rate and, consequently, aid you in obtaining improved weight loss results.

Chlorogenic acid is also proven to lower your levels of blood sugar, and boost the sensitivity of your body to insulin. This helps to drastically lower the risk of Type Two Diabetes developing.

Green Coffee Extract Benefits

Formulated from non-roasted, raw beans of coffee, green coffee capsules are ideal for people who desire the benefits green coffee can give them, but who do not enjoy the effects or taste of coffee drinking.

  • Offers a fantastic energy source for people on a diet
  • Boosts the metabolism so you can shed increased calories throughout the day
  • Can enhance athletic prowess
  • Helps to quell hunger cravings
  • Does not leave you with the jittery after-effects which are normally linked to caffeine
  • Contains plenty of antioxidants which hinder any noticeable ageing signs

Weight Loss Benefits Of Green Coffee

A team of researchers from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania discovered green coffee bean extracts can aid weight-loss after they tested the effects of it on a group of over weight volunteers.

“Taking multiple capsules of green coffee extract a day, while eating a low fat, healthful diet and exercising regularly, appears to be a safe, effective, inexpensive way to lose weight,” researcher author Joe Vinson said in a statement.

The researchers believe that the reasons behind the weight-loss could be down to it reducing the absorption of fat and glucose in the gut. It may also decrease insulin levels, which improves metabolic function.

Can Green Coffee Extract Really Help to Combat Noticeable Ageing Signs?

Free radicals are damaging chemical reactions inside the body which can frequently result in the development of noticeable ageing signs prematurely. Green Coffee Extract contains lots of antioxidants which can shield the body from any damage or stress caused by free radicals.

The antioxidants will restore, maintain and revitalise healthy cells, and this will produce a potent anti-ageing impact on the body.

The primary ingredients that these capsules contain, apart from the extract of Green Coffee, are  microcrystalline cellulose, capsule shell and magnesium stearate. Green Coffee Extract 200 mg 10:1, is the equivalent of 2000 mg of (Pure) Green Coffee. For optimum results, just consume 1 to 3 capsules each day with your meals.

The Side-effects of Green Coffee Extract

Each Green Coffee capsule only contains ingredients which are natural and it does not result in any known damaging side-effects. It is vital to read the ingredients prior to taking this diet supplement though, to avoid any preventable allergic reactions from happening.

Should you be breastfeeding or pregnant, you ought to check with your GP prior to consuming Green Coffee Extract. Should you suffer from diabetes, raised blood pressure or have a track record of heart problems, then you ought to consult your GP prior to use.

Furthermore, should you be undergoing medical supervision, then you also ought to ask your GP prior to consuming these capsules. Green Coffee Extract should not be taken by anyone below 18 years of age, or by anyone who suffers from any eating disorders.


Green Coffee Extract will supplement your weight loss efforts by bolstering your metabolism to enable you to shed more calories throughout the day. It offers a welcome top-up to your levels of energy as well, so you will be able to sustain the activities you enjoy each day.

If you want an inexpensive but effective weight loss and beauty capsule Green Coffee is Highly Recommended

Where To Buy Green Coffee Extract Capsules

Green Coffee capsules can be purchased from the Evolution Slimming website.

Their extra strength 2000mg product is arguably the best selling capsule product available to a UK consumer base.

It is approximately £17 for a month supply – a worthy addition to your health and diet regime.

Buy Green Coffee capsules


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Michelle Collins EyeLid Lift Strips

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Michelle Collins Eye Beauty Tips

Former EastEnders actress Michelle Collins looks fabulous at 50 – parting from Ian Beale was the best thing she could have done.

At a recent photo-shoot Michelle revealed one or two little secrets as to just how she manages to look so good.

The £30 Facelift is Michelle’s best kept secret (and now worst kept secret as she has told the world) – created by Scottish based Advanced Health under the brand EyeSecrets.

EyeSecrets Eye Lid Lift is a remarkably simple yet a remarkably effective product to reduce the appearance of heavy, hooded and tired looking eyes.

Tiny transparent strips fit just above the eye lids to hold back excess skin that can dramatically open and widen the eyes


Eye Secrets have three products in the range – the Instant Eye lift costs £29.99 for a months supply, if used everyday – longer if used sparingly or for that special occasion.

Their are two other products that complete the range: Under Eye Tightener and Lash Growth Accelerator. All three products can be purchased at a special offer package costing £64.99

For more information visit Eye Secrets Website


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Eye Secrets Beauty Blog

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Eye Secrets Recommended By Danielle Lineker

Eye Secrets has had yet more positive press coverage, this time its the turn of Daily Mirror columnist, Danielle Lineker.

Danielle, the wife of BBC’s Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker, answered a question posed by one of her readers on her “Beauty Blog.”

The reader asked if she recommended the use of botox around the eye area to try to garner a more youthful appearance for a school reunion she is attending in the near future.

Danielle was quick to retort and advise against preferring a less invasive solution such as Eye Secrets.

Eye Secrets are tiny translucent and discreet strips that fit just above the eyelid holding skin taught and giving an instant more youthful and wide eyed appearance without the startled look that botox can often give.

Eye Secrets – the instant facelift

Eye Secrets had a pretty dramatic introduction with appearances and features in the media such as the Daily Mail, The Lorraine Kelly show – even Loose Women got in the conversion.

Eye Secrets are available to buy direct for around £30.00 and are made from non allergic material. We have reviewed earlier – Read Eye Secrets Review.

There are also 2 other products in the range that combat the signs of ageing and to beautify the eye area.

Under Eye Tightener can reduce puffiness under the eye and EyeLash Growth Accelerator can improve the appearance of eyelashes by increasing volume.

All three products can be bought together from their website

Visit Eye Secrets Website


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