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Eye Secrets Recommended By Danielle Lineker

Eye Secrets has had yet more positive press coverage, this time its the turn of Daily Mirror columnist, Danielle Lineker.

Danielle, the wife of BBC’s Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker, answered a question posed by one of her readers on her “Beauty Blog.”

The reader asked if she recommended the use of botox around the eye area to try to garner a more youthful appearance for a school reunion she is attending in the near future.

Danielle was quick to retort and advise against preferring a less invasive solution such as Eye Secrets.

Eye Secrets are tiny translucent and discreet strips that fit just above the eyelid holding skin taught and giving an instant more youthful and wide eyed appearance without the startled look that botox can often give.

Eye Secrets – the instant facelift

Eye Secrets had a pretty dramatic introduction with appearances and features in the media such as the Daily Mail, The Lorraine Kelly show – even Loose Women got in the conversion.

Eye Secrets are available to buy direct for around £30.00 and are made from non allergic material. We have reviewed earlier – Read Eye Secrets Review.

There are also 2 other products in the range that combat the signs of ageing and to beautify the eye area.

Under Eye Tightener can reduce puffiness under the eye and EyeLash Growth Accelerator can improve the appearance of eyelashes by increasing volume.

All three products can be bought together from their website

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