PureSlim Hoodia Patch

Pure Hoodia Diet Patch Review

PureSlim Hoodia Patch

Slimming patches or diet patches are becoming more frequently abundant on the shelves of healthfood stores and online weight loss websites.

Slimming patches use something called trans-dermal technology or the trans-dermal delivery system to deliver the ingredients directly into the bloodstream rather than first travel through the stomach.

Slimming patches arguably take effect quicker than a diet pill.

Just as there are several genres of diet pills (fat blockers, fat binders, fat burners and appetite suppressants) the same applies to diet patches.

The most effective natural appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii. The most effective Hoodia Gordonii diet product is Pure Hoodia from PureSlim Ltd – so it would follow suit that the PureSlim Hoodia Patch would be equally effective.


This Product Is Now Obsolete

The Slim Weight Patch is now available in the UK, Europe and United States.

It is a premium brand weight loss patch made from clinically proven ingredients

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Are Diet Patches Better Than Diet Pills

Slimming patches per se are receiving bad press of late – The difference between diet patches and diet pills is that the outrageous claims have been made by a huge majority of diet patch manufacturers with regard to the efficacy.

A diet patch is not more potent than a diet pill – it just utilises a different delivery method. Because a patch is worn on the outside of the body and not internally ingested marketeers have had a field day due to lack of restriction when describing just how effective their products are.

Does The PureSlim Hoodia Patch Work

PureSlim tend not over exaggerate, preferring the more muted approach. A 10 year history in the weight loss industry is practically assurance of effectiveness and efficacy.

Does The PureSlim Patch Cause Side Effects

If taken as prescribed no harmful side effects should occur – it is one of only a few diet product than can be taken in conjunction with other diet products.

How Often Do I Replace A Diet Patch

Once every 24 hours. Very simple application and waterproof – so need to remove whilst showering.

Is The Pure Slim Hoodia Patch Recommended

We would recommend the PureSlim patch over and above any other UK patch product. The product is from a reputable stable and the ingredients used are pure and undiluted.

Where To Buy The Pure Hoodia Patch

Hoodia-PatchThe Hoodia Patch is available to buy online from many UK focused health stores including Evolution Slimming an authorised stockist.

Manufactured in accordance with the F.D.A.’s GMP manufacturing guidelines.