Michelle Collins EyeLid Lift Strips

Michelle Collins Eye Beauty Tips

Former EastEnders actress Michelle Collins looks fabulous at 50 – parting from Ian Beale was the best thing she could have done.

At a recent photo-shoot Michelle revealed one or two little secrets as to just how she manages to look so good.

The £30 Facelift is Michelle’s best kept secret (and now worst kept secret as she has told the world) – created by Scottish based Advanced Health under the brand EyeSecrets.

EyeSecrets Eye Lid Lift is a remarkably simple yet a remarkably effective product to reduce the appearance of heavy, hooded and tired looking eyes.

Tiny transparent strips fit just above the eye lids to hold back excess skin that can dramatically open and widen the eyes


Eye Secrets have three products in the range – the Instant Eye lift costs £29.99 for a months supply, if used everyday – longer if used sparingly or for that special occasion.

Their are two other products that complete the range: Under Eye Tightener and Lash Growth Accelerator. All three products can be purchased at a special offer package costing £64.99

For more information visit Eye Secrets Website