Lipo 6 Fat Burner

Lipo 6 Fat Burner Review

lipo-6LIPO 6 is a fat burner produced by Nutrex

It would be unfair to class LIPO 6 as a diet pill or a slimming tablet as it is not aimed primarily at the weight loss market – more the fat loss market.

LIPO 6 has a history of use in the body building industry – but it is only recently that a whole new market has opened up. The demise of Hydroxycut has propelled Lipo 6 to a higher status.

Fat-Loss Product of the Year in 2005, 2006 and 2007

What Is LIPO 6

A unisex supplement that can covert excess body into muscle.

It is a powerful and extremely popular fat-burner that uses maximum strength liquid capsules for superior absorption and rapid results.

This highly advanced method of delivering fast-acting fat-burning compounds makes LIPO-6 a great choice when it comes to weight-loss products.

LIPO-6 Liquid Capsules will help you to achieve rapid fat-burning results so you can have the body you always wanted.

It’s no wonder that LIPO-6 was awarded the title of Fat-Loss Product of the Year in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

LIPO 6 Ingredients

What Are The Ingredients Of Lipo 6

  • Caffeine – a thermogene that increase brain activity and mental alertness, can also have a appetite suppressing effect
  • Guggulsterones – used to stimulate the thyroid gland and promote thermogenic activity
  • Synephrine – can be described as the little sister of Ephedra, safe but less effective
  • Yohimbe – a natural aphrodisiac found in the tree bark of the African Yohimbe tree
  • Biophine – black pepper extract harvested in India. Not really that beneficial to weight loss

Does LIPO 6 Cause Side Effects

Fat burners can be prone to causing some adverse reaction. Some commercially available fat burner contain ingredients tht are far natural, however the ingredients that constitute Lipo 6 are completely natural and so less likely to cause concern.

Does LIPO 6 Work

If a fat burner is your preferred supplement Lipo 6 is a sensible option.

Where To Buy Lipo 6 UK

Lipo 6 is very much American focused – however UK customer can purchase the product direct from

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