Lipovox Super Food Supplement UK

Lipovox Super Food Supplement Review

lipovoxLipovox is blend of 10 of the most beneficial super foods that can burn fat, get rid of acne and hold back the ageing process by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This is based on a theory by self styled nutrition expert, Dr Perricone and highlighted on Oprah Winfrey’s chat show a couple of years ago.

It sound too good to be – and you know what they say about things that are too good to be true!

There is some evidence to back up the theory of super foods and their relevance to our health but Lipovox is slightly guilty of playing on the emotions of women of certain age by promising … Quick weight loss, Reduction wrinkles and a blemish free face.

Weight Loss, Anti Ageing and a Reduction in Acne

So What Is Lipovox and How Does It Work

super-foodsLipovox is proprietory blend of 10 Super foods that include: Salmon, Green tea, Soybean extract,  Alfalfa extract,  Lactobacillus Acidophillu,  Barley Juice,  Acai berries,  Wheat Grass,  Flaxseed, Buck Wheat and Garli. Also included in the supplement is Alpha lipoic and DMA.

The ingredients above are supposed to be able act as a fat burner, reduce the effect of free radicals (slow down the ageing process) and clear skin blemishes.

The advertising and marketing that Lipovox either do themselves or sub out to a third party is first class as this is one of the most discussed and commented slimming supplements on the market.

Side Effects Of Lipovox

It is highly unlikely that any negative reaction or side effect should happen as result of using Lipovox as recommended. Sadly though it is also just as likely that you will not quickly lose weight, reduce those frown lines and crows feet and gasp at the disappearance of those pimples.

Lipovox Does It Work

Lipovox is a triumph of hype over substance – there is not one shred of clinical or scientific evidence to back up its claims. Super foods are beneficial to health but only in the correct quantities. Lipovox contains a sprinkling of this and a pinch of that – not enough of any one ingredient to make a difference.

Lipovox Cutomer Feedback

The official Lipovox website has numerous positive reviews and comments and customer testimonials – less biased sources are to contrary.

Many independent forums and weight loss related websites are less than flattering with customers complaining that Lipovox did not live up to expectation.

There is money back guarantee but there is not a telephone number or an address on the official site and so it may prove difficult returning the product for a refund.

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Capsiplex has a component that has a strong link with the NHS but available to buy without prescription.

When released onto the market Capsiplex is sold out in under a week and has since sold in excess of  million bottles.

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