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EpheDrexin Fat Burner Review

EpheDrexin is a non prescription fat burning diet tablet that is particularly aimed towards men in an attempt to raise metabolism while burning excess body fat to promote lean muscle mass.

The people responsible also suggest that their product is the most extreme men’s thermogenic fat burner currently in existence.

What is EpheDrexin

Although this product does not contain ephedra, it still comprises of several substances that can present risks of potential side effects.

The main or key ingredient in EpheDrexin is a mixture of several natural sources of caffeine. It also has amino acids, black pepper extract and garcinia cambogia as accompanying ingredients

Despite the manufacturers claims evidence is conspicuous by its absence in relation to a fat burning effect – none of the ingredients present bare a relation to weight loss.

EpheDrexin Side Effects

A large amount of caffeine is can cause numerous health implications, such as anxiety, cardiac (heart) problems and dehydration due to it’s natural diuretic effect.

Potential customers who have a pre-existing health condition should not use unless advised to do so by their GP or doctor.

Another worry is that some studies show garcinia cambogia may cause liver toxicity in otherwise healthy people.

Does EpheDrexin work Is It Recommended

Particularly hard to recommend in light of the current research, or lack of.

There is a distinct lack of user reviews and impartial testimonials.

Other Fat Burners To Consider

If you are contemplating using a fat burner give Capsiplex serious consideration. Capsiplex has been subject to numerous impartial studies and has been responsible for weight loss success stories the world over.

capsiplex is made from capsicum – red hot chili pepper. It is suggested that using Capsiplex can help you to cut your calorie intake by around 280 per day.

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