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Best Fat Burner In The UK

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Finding the best diet pill for your needs can be hard. For one thing, there are so many manufacturers claiming they have created the “no.1” weight loss product it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

The other problem is different people need help in different ways. Some dieters find it hard to resist the temptation to eat. Others find dieting makes them feel grumpy and out of sorts, and a great many people discover trying to lose weight causes them to feel very tired.

All four products on our list of best diet pills have proven abilities and, unlike other diet pills, it is not just a case of the manufacturers claiming the formulations work. Customers reviews show they work. However, when faced with a list of four top diet pill products, dieters may still find it hard to choose which one is likely to be the best one to suit their individual needs; so we have provided some pointers on that as well.


PhenQ reviews for UK and IrelandIf you are finding it difficult to lose weight but are unsure why, or have already made some progress and reached a plateau, we suggest you buy some PhenQ.

Weight loss products that offer multiple benefits always offer a better chance of success than ones that offer more limited support.

PhenQ offers dieters more benefits than any other diet pill on the market, including appetite suppression, fat burning, improved muscle mass, and mood enhancement. It also stops the formation of fresh fat cells, so it really is a case of one pill suits all. This may explain why PhenQ has already accrued more than 190,000 customer recommendations.

PhenQ picturesFor a pill that was launched in 2015, and is still a relatively new product, that’s incredibly good. So what’s the secret to PhenQ’s phenomenal success? That’s a hard question to answer, but the fact that it contains a powerful new ingredient (a-Lacys Reset), that other diet pills don’t have, is undoubtedly an important contributing factor.

All the ingredients are good though. There is no dead weight. It’s a winning formulation that has already changed a lot of people’s lives for the better.

Click here to read the full PhenQ review


Phentaslim Review EnglandLooking at the label, and the words “Maximum Strength Hardcore Fat Burner”, “Supercharged Metabolism”, and “Thermogenic Fat Burning” it would be easy to mistake Phentaslim for a product that offers limited benefits, but this is not the case.

Phentaslim offers a similar range of benefits to those provided by PhenQ. However, it doesn’t provide improved muscle mass, so bodybuilders and other athletically inclined individuals might be better off choosing PhenQ, but Phentaslim and PhenQ are probably equally good options for everyone else.

Phentaslim fat burnerPhentaslim has been on the market for a number of years, over 101,000 satisfied customers confirm the formulation works, and it’s easily one of the most respected diet pills on the market.

Not surprisingly, bearing in mind the claims made on the label, and the flame-effect lettering, Phentaslim is often the go-to supplement for people looking for a powerful fat burner. Customer reviews show a lot of people love that fact that it successfully burned their fat without causing any of the jitters or other side effects that are such a common problem with fat burning formulations.

Click here to read the full Phentaslim review


Phen375 is a firm favourite with people who are looking for a safe and natural alternative to the prescription only appetite suppressant, Phentermine.

It’s an incredibly powerful diet pill and over quarter of a million customers have already completed surveys that confirm it works. Thus far, we haven’t encountered a product that has accrued so much customer feedback but, despite its success, like Phentaslim, Phen375 is a victim of poor marketing.

The manufacturer is so focussed on marketing the product towards people looking for an alternative to Phentermine, the marketing material mostly focuses on the pills’ appetite suppressing abilities.

This is selling the product short because, like the other products on our list of best diet pills, Phen375 also provides dieters with extra energy and boosts the metabolism to accelerate fat burning. If fighting hunger urges is the biggest obstacle preventing you from reaching your ideal weight, Phen375 may very well be the best option, but it would be wrong to dismiss it as merely an appetite suppressant when it clearly offers so much more.

Click here to read the full Phen375 review


Capsiplex fat burnerCapsiplex also provides multiple weight loss benefits and the fact that only one pill is required per day (with breakfast) makes it the ideal option for busy individuals who find it hard to find time to take several pills throughout the day, or simply have a problem remembering to do so.

Capsiplex is also designed to aid the digestive process, so it is an equally good diet pill for people who have delicate stomachs.

Some people may scoff at the idea of a one-pill-per-day formulation and say it couldn’t possibly work. Granted, products like this are not that common, but each Capsiplex capsule contains a powerful dose of capsicum extract and studies show the capsaicinoids it provides have the ability to boost the metabolism for up to 24 hours.

A faster metabolism burns more calories, so a single capsule, taken each morning, can ensure you are burning extra calories 24/7—even while you are sleeping. Capsicum extract also has proven appetite suppressing abilities, but it does not have to go it alone.

The formulation contains a dose of niacin, to help the body get more energy from the food it is is provided with, along with some caffeine to prevent diet-related fatigue.

Click here to read the full Capsiplex review

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Capsiplex 7 Things You Should Know

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Thinking Of Buying Capsiplex?

Capsiplex fat burnerCapsiplex was one of the most popular products of 2017 and 2018 looks set to continue in the same vein.

The chili fat burner that claims to be able help you burn calories more efficiently  was one of the best selling fat burning products in not just the UK but the world over.

There have been so many column inches written about Capsiplex with so many positives it is truly a product that the UK can be proud of.

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Here are 10 things you should know about Capsiplex

Capsiplex Press Coverage1. When Capsiplex was first introduced to the commercial market in 2010 it took an estimated 50,000 units in advanced orders prior to release. Making in one of the most successful launches ever in the weight loss industry. The rush to obtain it resulted in stock levels completely running dry after just three days sparking articles in the mainstream media.

It took a mere 6 months for Capsiplex ship its one millionth bottle with over 90% of order coming directly from its own website.

2. Capsiplex has been associated with a string of high profile celebrities from both sides of the Atlantic. Most notable from a UK perspective is former Emmerdale Actress Roxanne Pallett. Watch her on video talking about her experience with Capsiplex

3. A large majority of weight loss products are designed to rid the body of water. They are nothing more than a diuretic. Diuretics CAN aid the weight loss process initially by removing excess water but as soon as the body takes on water or liquid again all the weight lost is put back on again.

Once you learn to realise the difference between weight loss and fat loss your dieting and slimming attempts will be significantly more fruitful.

Capsiplex contains ingredients that are targeted towards fat burning and the transference of stored fat cells into actual usable energy.

4. Capsiplex have possibly the most simple to understand and descriptive media campaigns created to highlight was sort of results you could expect without using language and terminology designed to confuse.


5. Capsiplex contains cayenne pepper (also known as capsicum and chili pepper). There have been many studies and impartial clinical trials over the past 3 decades that link capsicum with the fat burning process.

Cayenne pepper can have a profound effect on raising the metabolic rate of the body which helps to transfer fat reserves into energy.

Consuming capsaicin, found in cayenne pepper, may encourage your body to use more fat as fuel, found a study by David Heber of the University of California Los Angeles Center for Human Nutritio

Read more:

6. Capsiplex also contains Niacin a natural compound that has multiple benefits to health including helping to lower cholesterol levels and helping to breakdown fat cells.

Niacin binds to and stimulates a G-protein-coupled receptor, GPR109A, which causes the inhibition of fat breakdown in adipose tissue.

Read more:

7. Capsiplex is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. A salient point that appears to get overlooked in almost all product reviews is that although the ingredients may be free from animal by-products the capsule itself could be made from all manner or materials. The capsule used to contain the ingredients 100% vegecap.


8. Capsiplex is available to a discount from the official website with a incredible savings using a promotional code that will last for a set period. The promotion will run until a set number of units have been sold.

Please use the Coupon Code HAPPYNEWYEAR to claim upto 68%


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Does Hot Rox Extreme Work

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Hot Rox Extreme UK

A perfectly toned body is a dream that every human being cherishes. Men crave for a strong muscular body while women long for those curves.

And often they find their goal through the easy methods of dietary supplements.

Hot Rox Extreme is one such dietary supplement which is very popular with men who want a bodybuilder’s shape. It is a very strong drug. Though it can be bought without a prescription it is probably a good idea to consult your physician before you opt for this drug.

Key Ingredients

The main ingredient of Hot Rox Extreme is A7-E Super Thermogenic Gel which is claimed to be the longest lasting agent of fat burning.

Carbolin 19, another important ingredient, is responsible for increase in muscle mass. There are few more components present in Hot Rox Extreme like caffeine, Guggulesterons, Piperine, amino acid, Raspberry Ketone etc.

The ingredient of most interest is undoubtedly Raspberry Ketone. A natural fat burner that has received lots of attention recently from worlds media. US TV doctor DR Oz has called it the miracle in your cupboard that could help you lose 10lbs.

Read more about Raspberry Ketone

Though most of these ingredients are toxicologically safe yet it is worth mentioning that effect of A7-E on humans has not been clinically tested nor the Forskolin amount has been mentioned. Also it has been found that agents like Piperine often slow down the effects of certain drugs. If you are already on some kind of medication, it is advisable to consult your physician before starting on Hot Rox Extreme.


One of the main problems with dietary supplements is that they often cause depression or bad mood which can jeopardize other aspects of our lives.

But with Hot Rox Extreme users usually don’t feel depressed rather they feel euphoric.

If you can combine Hot Rox Extreme with a low carb high protein diet along with light to moderate exercises, it springs to fast action.

Many users feel there is an energy boost even after work outs and with restricted eating.


  • Caffeine content is quite over the top.
  • Claims made by the manufacturer are unsubstantiated.
  • Price is on the higher side.
  • FDA has not approved all its ingredients.
  • Side effects like rashes, headaches, jitters, dizziness, sleeplessness etc are very common for Hot Rox Extreme users.
  • In some cases, users have also felt tremors, palpitations, frequent urination, upset stomach and nausea.
  • The proportion of the ingredients has not been divulged.

Bottom line

Hot Rox Extreme targets men who aim at body building. If you are a seriously overweight individual, this supplement is not for you. Since no clinical study has been published in favor of Hot Rox Extreme, it is yet to get the affiliation of being a prescription drug.

However, you can place your order in the official website or even retail sites like Also, you need to keep in mind that there is no money back guarantee for this diet supplement which immediately raises credibility issues.

There is also a word of caution that comes with Hot Rox Extreme. Pregnant or lactating women, or those on other strong medications should not take these pills. Also, people who suffer from chronic diseases like heart or liver disorders are not advised to take Hot Rox Extreme. I

n any case, due to the presence of so many not so proven ingredients, it is better to consult a doctor or nutrition expert before starting on Hot Rox Extreme.

Not Recommended

Where To Buy Hot Rox In the UK

Not a product easily found on the high street, Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett not likely to be stockist

Recommended Alternatives

As mentioned above Raspberry Ketone is an excellent natural supplement that offers so much more that just a fat burning experience. It is one of the top 10 superfruits and offers anti-oxidant properties.

Read further resources on Raspberry Ketone




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