Kinga And Alli Side Effects

Big Brother Kinga And Alli Side Effects

Alli has been available to UK customers without prescription (over the counter) since early spring.

Real life comments, user experiences and testimonials are beginning to filter through.

Probably the first (semi) high profile story to surface is former Big Brother contestant Kinga Karolczak’s

Kinga was the larger than life star of Big Brother 2006.

In March of this year, Kinga was 10st 3lbs –¬† 5ft tall and a size 14. She turned to Alli, the much publicized Miracle Slimming Tablet.

Previous diet attempts had not proven a success with the Cabbage Soup Diet and Slim-Fast failing miserably – she asked if she wanted to trial the new former prescription only diet drug Alli.

Two months on, Kinga has lost nearly a stone.

Miracle Slimming Tablets Made My Body Leak Fat

Alli has an awful lot positives surrounding it but one very embarrassing and rather unpleasant side effect may prove its undoing from a consumer perspective.

Alli (a fat blocker) works by preventing the fat in food from being absorbed. But this means the undigested fat must pass through the body, leading to the most unpleasant of side effects including flatulence and diarrhoea. More about Alli

Undigested fat is orange and gooey – Alli has the unfortunate habit of expelling this when and where it pleases.

“more oil would leak out every few days.”

Kinga’s overriding experience of Alli is not so much the weight loss but the side effect and the disruption it caused to her life.

Kinga explains how weight loss should not be at any cost “One morning, a week into taking the tablets, I woke up with a huge, dark yellow, oily stain all over my sheets. It was all over the seat of my pyjamas, too. Fat, which looked exactly like olive oil, had been leaking out of my bottom. It was disgusting…. more oil would leak out every few days”

The Big Brother star also explained how Alli put a dent in her lovelife¬† “I was constantly full of wind. My boyfriend Danny, 27, thought it was hilarious, as he’d never heard me break wind before, but it didn’t make me feel sexy. And the smell was unbearable”

Is Alli Worth The Risk

Alli has both sides of the coin covered it would seem – it does seem to do what is says on the tin, so long as you don’t mind the laundry bills.

Alternatives To Alli

Fat binders are very similar to fat blocking (Alli is a fat blocker) with the added advantage of binding with fat rather than blocking it completely.

Fat binders do not cause the runny leakage issue – undigested fat passes through the body in a solid state.

proactol-recommendedProactol is possibly the most effective fat binder the UK has to offer. Proactol has been voted Best Fat Binder 2 years in succession by successful slimmers who participated in the Telegraph’s Best Ways To Lose Weight surveys. More about Proactol