Body Wraps And Inch Loss

Body Wrap Home Treatments

Weight loss pills, slimming supplements and engineered diet plans are more for the long term as far as shedding illusive body fat is concerned. But there are occasions where a a quick almost temporary fix is required in the short term.

Get Rid Of Your Turkey Neck

Step forward the Inch Loss Body Wrap.

Inch Loss Body Wraps – or just simply Body Wraps are ideal for when you need you need to drop a dress size quickly for that special event or occasion.

“a slimmer you in just 45 minutes”

Body Wraps Explained

A body wrap is an easy to use body treatment similar to the services offered at most spa’s from the comfort of your own home – and a great deal cheaper.

Body wraps work by tightening your skin, removing toxins, soothing and treating eczema, and even help you to lose excess body fat after a single session.

There are body wraps for the trunk or midriff and also body wraps for specific parts of the body, usually arms, thighs and necks.

Where To Buy Body Wraps

Currently Evo Slimming have acquired the rights to distribute in the UK.

Body and neck applicators start around £19.99 with a full body treatment starting at £29.99

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