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Best Acai Berry To Buy UK

There are dozens of Acai Berry products in circulation at the moment on the UK. Some highly effective some pretty average and some from rather dubious sources.

At first glance it appears that all Acai Berry capsules are more or less the same with only the brand name and price being the differentiators.

This could not be further from the truth.

A large majority of Acai Berry products that you will discover do not contain the FREEZE DRIED variant and could also be made from extract rather than actual Acai Berry powder.

Possibly the most legitimate Acai capsule available on the UK market is Pure Acai

Containing 100% Acai powder, Pure Acai packs 700mg into each and every capsule making it one of the highest strength, potent Acai capsules in production.

At £29.99 per bottle is competitively priced and distributed from within the UK

Pure Acai was also featured and reviewed independantly in the Sunday Express

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