Hoodia Capsules On Sale High Street

Hoodia Capsules From High Street Shops

herbal-diet-pillsIf you are new to the concept of Hoodia Gordonii and how it can suppress your appetite and ultimately contribute to a slimmer you – then maybe it is time you became acquainted.

Appetite suppressants are extremely effective at negating the need to snack between meals and help to reduce the size of food portions – two major reasons why we put on weight!

Hoodia Gordonii (more commonly known as simply Hoodia) is possibly the best known and most widely used natural appetite suppressing slimming capsule available without GP consultation.

It is both natural and free from harmful side effects – something that is not always true of the prescribed slimming tablet obtainable from your GP or doctor.

Hoodia is NOT available to buy in the UK – Although was arguably the most effective natural appetite suppressant of it’s day (circa 2009) things have moved on and progressed.

Today products such as PhenQ are in demand due to their multi action approach. PhenQ can not only suppress appetite but also burn excess body fat as well as preventing newly acquired fat from doing any lasting damage.

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The Origins Of Hoodia

Hoodia is a cactus like plant that is grown in  Southern African, specifically the Kalahari region. For many hundreds of years the Kalahari nomads have struggled to provide food for their families in the desert like conditions and so had to travel far and wide.

The powder from this plant had a tremendous effect on the appetite meaning the nomads could travel for days without feeling the effect of hunger or food deprivation.

It was not until the early 1990’s that the connection made with a possible product to introduce to the weight loss industry.

BBC Introduces Hoodia To The Commercial Weight Loss Industry

It was the BBC who were instrumental in bringing the benefits of Hoodia the obese western world.

Tom Mangold (a BBC journalist) released a story to the worlds press identifying that Hoodia could be the natural substance that could be the answer to the obesity crisis sweeping the richer nations.


It is quite ironic that a natural substance found in a country where food is scarce could solve the effects of the opposite problem in the richer nations where food is in abundance.

Where To Obtain Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii powder has been encapsulated for nearly a decade with many slimming product suppliers and stockists both high street and via the internet having at least one Hoodia based capsule amongst their portfolio.

Boots the chemist, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett, Tesco and other supermarket chains are common suppliers – many supplying American or European originated products.