FulFill Plus Review

Fulfill Plus From Holland & Barrett

FulFill PlusFulFill Plus is new slimming tablet that is being heavily advertised within Holland and Barrett stores across the UK.

FulFill Plus was created by a German doctor who was intent on producing a slimming product that helped overweight people with the key issue associated with weight gain – controlling portion sizes.

FulFill Plus is an appetite suppressant that includes key ingredients that can assist with portion control and also help negate the need to snack between meals.

FulFill Plus Ingredients

Each capsule contains 400mg of Plantago ovatae, Sodium bicarbonate and Magnesium stearate.

How Does FulFill Plus Work

The natural ingredients within the formula creates a gelatinous mass that is absorbed into the stomach that in turn creates a feeling of fullness.

This ‘fullness’ makes reducing food portions in a controlled and healthy manner extremely simple and promotes long term weight loss.

Potential Side Effects

If the recommended dosage is adhered to no ill effects should occur. In rare cases hypersensitivity reactions may occur. An increase in  the volume/or softening of stools can also occur.

Does FulFill Plus Work

Appetite suppressants are quite possibly one of the most effective genres of slimming tablets. FulFill Plus is quality product with a fair few customer weight loss success stories.

The biggest negative is that Fulfill Plus is a relatively new product and so time will tell if it can compete with PhenQ

Where To Buy FulFill Plus

Currently stockists are limited on the high street to Holland & Barrett – prices start at £36.00 for a months supply.

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