JWoww Weight Loss Pill

Ab Cuts Jwoww Weight Loss Pill

Jersey Shore reality TV star Jenni Farley AKA Jwoww has been out and about endorsing a weight loss pill in Miami recently.

Ab Cuts the natural fat burner is no stranger to the celebrity endorsement with Kendra Wilkinson also prone to holding a bottle of Ab Cuts and smiling.

“The ingredient list has two ingredients that are worth a mention and not necessarily due to their outstanding contribution to weight loss…”

What is Ab Cuts

Ab Cuts, or to give it its correct and full name Abdominal Cuts is a thermogenic fat burner designed to raise the body’s metabolism and get rid of excess body fat by reducing daily calorie intake.

The packaging looks classy and highly desirable almost fashion accessory-like. Four varieties are available (green, red, yellow and pink) that are supposed to represent a different target market (mens, womens, sports etc….)

The ingredient list has two ingredients that are worth a mention and not necessarily due to their outstanding contribution to weight loss

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is found naturally in some meat and dairy products

CLA has some clinical if inconclusive data attributed to it. Results of tests vary but some have suggested that it could help to form muscle, decrease body fat, and create a better cellular structure for overall health.

Sesamin is the oil of the sesame plant. This is also an ingredient that is not entirely validated with little supporting clinical evidence

Sesamin can help build lean muscle mass, burn fat and aid endurance and athletic performance.

Does Ab Cuts Cause Side Effects

Nothing nasty or out of the ordinary has been reported.

Where To Buy Ab Cuts UK

Very unlikely to be found in high street shops, pharmacies and supermarkets such as Holland and Barrett, Boots and Tesco

Online via a US based website appears to be the most frequently advertised stockist.

Should I Buy Ab Cuts

Ab Cuts is difficult to justify. Fat burners such as PhenQ and particularly Capsiplex have a far more compelling argument not to mention superior ingredient formulation.

Capsiplex is the Chili Diet Pill – the diet pill that has been championed by Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Nicola Mclean etc….

If the standard of celebrity endorsement is something that you will factor into you choice, consider that Ab Cuts use Jwoww and Capsiplex associate themselves with Brad Pitt – no much of a contest.

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