Vitamin D Cuts Risk Of Cancer

Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin

sunshine vitaminThe Daily Express has picked up on a story that suggests that Vitamin D can cut the risk of bowel cancer bt 40%.

Vitamin D is vital for all round health and well being and during the summer our exposure to sunlight can keep our Vitamin D levels topped up.

But, of course, during the winter months when sunlight is at a premium our levels can drop .

Experts in 10 European countries have found that people with the highest levels of Vitamins are the least likely to develop cancer, especially bowel cancer.

Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin

Lack of vitamin D can also cause or trigger a number of other health conditions and aliments. In days gone by children were more likely to develop rickets through poor vitamin intake.

Vitamin D can also reduce the risk of heart disease, slow down the ageing process, protect against brittle bones and may help suffers of multiple sclerosis.

Scientists and health experts are warning against creating a hysterical response to the nes and rushing out to buy Vitamin D supplements – as there is a slight danger of overdose.

What Supplements Contain Vitamin D

Krill OilOne of the best supplements to buy that contains just the right amount of the vitamin is fish oil based product.

Krill oil is believed to be the most beneficial in its class.

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