Weight Loss Pills For 2011

Best Pills For Weight Loss 2011

Giving up cigarettes and promising to diet are two of the most commonly adopted new years resolutions. Kicking the smoking habit is something that we can offer little advice on but weight loss is something that we can.

Over half of the adult population in the UK make a promise to try to slim with good intentions. A large number of people will look to a slimming aid to help them. Weight loss pills are the most likely group of products that empolyed.

As a guide to whats hot and popular in the world of weight loss pills the following are products that have a good reputation and have sold extremely well throughout 2010.

Capsiplex – possibly 2010’s biggest success story. Capsiplex has been the darling of the media over the last year with the Daily Express, Daily Mail and countless other womens lifestyle publications featuring success stories from both real life and celebrity circles.

Capsiplex has been dubbed the “Celebrity Diet Pill” largely due to Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Britney and their association with it.

Capsiplex was introduced to the UK at the end of 2009 after a highly successful USA launch and sold a reported 5ok bottles in just three days. After just six months Capsiplex shifted over one million units.

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Meratol – the latest weight loss pill from Advanced health, Meratol could even eclipse the success of Capsiplex with 30,000 advanced sales even prior to release.

Meratol has a quadruple action, it can stop the absorption of carbohydrates, burn body fat, stop fat absorption and reduce daily calorie intake by reducing hunger.

Meratol appeared in the British press recently with headlines such as “Miracle Diet Pill” and The “The Pill That Keeps The Stars Slim

Meratol is said to be more than 4 times as effective as competitive over the counter diet tablets and has endorsements from the medical profession.

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Pure Hoodia
– is possibly the best known and most widely used appetite suppressant in the world.

The Western world adopted and adapted Hoodia Gordonii around 10 years ago for use in the commercial slimming market. Pure Hoodia is radically different from most other brands as it comprises of pure Hoodia powder as opposed to refined or extracted Hoodia.

Pure Hoodia is a premium brand Hoodia Gordonii product and ideal for anyone who finds it hard to control calorie intake – the biggest cause of initial weight gain.

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Phen375 – a combination fat burner and appetite suppressant that is has been manufactured in FDA approved laboratories using pharmacy class ingredients – something that very few over the counter weight loss pill can boast

Phen375 is the ideal and legal substitute to Phentermine. Phentermine was a powerful chemical substance that was only available via GP prescription – it was prone to cause side reactions and side effects and was subsequently withdrawn.

Phen375 is a derivative with all the power remaining but all the side effects negative. Phen375 is a super powerful diet pill and not for the feint hearted.

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