Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation For Losing Weight

Motivation for weight loss

For the majority, losing weight is easier said than done. It seems to many a weight loss journey will take several months of dedication, will power and depravation – the assumption in most cases is correct, there is no reward without effort.

Contrary to what the manufacturers of a large proportion of weight loss products tell us – weight loss is not easy, nor is it quick, nor will every product be a success.

In recent times, the current trend involving the short cut approach to losing weight appeals to more and more people, time contraints are a major factor. Diet Pills are the most popular “short cut” method. The message that more and more diet pill companies are telling us is Rapid Weight Loss.

Weight Loss Timeframes

The most obvious and widely used motivation technique is to set a target date, usually a holiday or special occasion. The biggest mistake most commonly made is timeframe. If your target date is mid June – ideally you should give yourself at least 3-6 months.

The timeframe misconception can be attributed to some diet pill manufacturers. Without dismissing the efficacy of any particular weight loss product certain factors have to be taken into consideration.

Weight loss can be experienced in a short space of time but often susceptable to the weight loss yoyo effect. For help in choosing diet pills that are not prone to over hype or over ambitious timeframes click here

How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

The best way to achieve safe, healthy and permanent weight loss is to give yourself a reason to lose weight, as mentioned previously a special occasion such as wedding, birthday or holiday are great drivers.

A great little weight loss motivation technique is buy items of clothing that are a couple of sizes too small – then give yourself a month to drop a clothes size.

Another technique is to partner with someone of similar shape and compete against them to lose weight.

The Best Ways To Lose Weight

If this question could be answered consistantly obesity would not be a pandemic. That aside, popular daily newspaper The Telegraph recently published the results of survey entitled Top 5 Ways To Lose Weight For 2008 Рthe survey was participated  by successful slimmers. It makes interesting reading.

Click here to reveal what successful slimmers attribute as the Top 5 Ways For Losing Weight