Thrush Treatment And Prevention

Prevent And Treat Thrush

It is though that over 70% over of women will have to suffer the uncomfortable and embarrassing condition called Thrush.

It is an infection caused by a yeast called Candida. Candida is present naturally on the skin and around the vaginal area usually producing no symptoms but sometimes, the quantity of Candida starts to multiply and invades the vagina which then starts to have unpleasant symptoms.

Candida spreads best in warm and moist areas on the body making the vagina the ideal location for thrush to develop. Thrush can also appear inside the mouth, around the groin and around the nappy area in babies.

Contrary to popular belief, Thrush is not a sign of being ‘unclean’ or the sign of a sexual disease unless a partner is infected themselves, with thrush. In fact, anybody of any age can get Thrush and it is certainly not unheard of.

What Are The Symptoms?

Usually a vaginal discharge is present, generally an off white colour and a thick consistency but it can also be runny. Itching, a burning sensation when urinating and redness can often appear, also the area surrounding the vagina (the vulva) can be painful. In some cases it clears by itself with no medication, when it takes hold, several courses of treatment are needed.

What Can I Do About My Thrush?

There is a wide selection of pessaries and creams that are to be placed into the vagina with a special applicator. These typically contain medicines such as Miconazole, Clotrimazole, Econazole or Fenticonazole which are specifically anti-yeast medicines.

One large dose is usually sufficient to clear thrush; you can also apply the cream on the skin around the vagina to calm irritation. Medication can be bought over the counter or on prescription, they are usually safe for all to use, even child-bearing women.

Tablets such as Fluconazole or Itraconazole are also obtainable, again, on prescription or over the counter either taken as a single dose or two doses.

Prevent The Cause Of Thrush

I Keep Getting Thrush Every Few Months

When bouts of Thrush get frequent this is when it becomes a problem. It can be troublesome to treat and can keep re-occurring. In this instance all assumed cases of thrush should be looked at. Particularly, if you have abnormal bleeding from the vagina or lower abdominal pain, if you feel ill, if you have blisters or ulcers surrounding the vagina or if you or your partner have had a sexually transmitted infection.

What Can I Do To Prevent Vaginal Thrush

While there is no absolute cure, but it can be prevented.

A product called Alaczen has recently arrived in the UK. It is devised with four kinds of probiotic; probiotics are natural substances that can restore the balance and yeast levels in the vagina.

Alaczen provides 48 billion live probiotics that can boost your immune system and prevent the underlying cause . It is available to buy for £34.99 from the official website.

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