Melinda Messenger Loses Weight With Lipobind

Melinda Messenger And Lipobind

melinda-messengerIt seems incredible but former pin up,  now television and radio presenter – Melinda Messenger is approaching 40.

The ex page 3 stunner has now chosen a career where her curves are not under so much scrutiny as they once where and so keeping her weight under control is not as essential as it once was.

When women approach a certain age their metabolism starts to slow down – making calorie control a tad more difficult.

Melinda, 37, admits to always having a little bit of a belly and slightly larger thighs than she wanted – this is something that has plagued her throughout her life. At 5ft 2″ its harder to keep unwanted bulges at bay than the taller more slender figure.

Melinda Lost Over A Stone With Lipobind

After Melinda’s appearances on Dancing On Ice – she chose a more energetic life, taking up skating, cycling and rowing. She started to eat more healthy and manage her fat and calorie consumption.

The one component she added to her weight loss and fitness regime was Lipobind – the natural fat binder.

“It really worked – I lost one and a half stone and now have the same body as when I was 18! I have the perfect flat tummy which I’m happy to show off and jeans I could only just squeeze into last year now fit perfectly”

What Is Lipobind

lipobindLIPObind is a natural supplement made from dried cactus extract that helps reduce the amount of fat our body digests from the food we eat.

In clinical trials it has been shown to remove over a quarter of undigested fats from a standard meal.

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