Diet Pill Success Stories

Diet Pill Successes & Testimonials From Real People

proactol5The biggest endorsement that can be bestowed on any product, particularly a diet pill or weight loss product are success stories from satisfied customer.

The problem with the testimonial or success stort that are featured on a majority of weight loss product websites do though give a feeling that they are a tad fabricated – especially the current plethora of spurious diet pills that are emanating from across the Atlantic.

Although not completely devoid of marketing tactics, the UK does seem to offer the more belieavable testimonial.

Legitimate Diet Pill Testimonials

A Nottingham based fat binder called Proactol has made clever use of the video testimonial and also even more cleverly has featured people that have used the product

daily-express-proactolOne of the original success stories featured Laura Price and her 2006 weight loss journey that was featured in the Daily Express newspaper.

Laura, from West Sussex,  dropped 6 dress sizes and lost over 30% of her body weight in just under 8 months, attributing her success to Proactol  and a change to her diet.

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“It was a shock nobody has actually used that word before and I’d never considered myself to be obese.”

By her mid teens, Laura was extremely over weight – by her early twenties she weighed in at just over 15st.

It was her doctors classification of her obesity that provided the catalyst for Laura do something about her ballooning figure. Initially Laura tried several pharmaceautically produced prescription diet pill util the discovery of the more natural herbal based Proactol.

Proactol Testimonials From The UK

Several other Proactol testimonials are featured on the official website, not just from the UK but from all over the world – here are few stand outs.

Rebecca Bertrum UK – Legal Secretary

rebecca-bertrumA very high pressure job with a social culture meant that Rebecca found herself participating in numerous business lunches that made any kind of diet an up hill struggle.

Rebecca had been on many weight loss programmes in the past and was tired of feeling constantly hungry and achieving minimal progress at  ½ lb or less per week.

Her sisters wedding provided her with the goal and Proactol provided her with the solution.

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Aisha Rayman UK – Customer Services

aisha-raymanAisha achieved her weight loss target in just over 5 months.

A car crash that left her injured meant that she was unable to be as active and exercise as she once did. Her weight ballooned.

Discovering Proactol helped her control her weight and reduce it to the level it was before her accident.

Stephen Bamford UK – Company Director

stephenbProviding proof that is not just women that are concerned about weight

Stephen was informed by his doctor that his cholesterol had risen from
7.2 to 8.0, and that his blood sugar was too high.

Proactol was suggested to him – in just 3 months Stephen has brought his
cholesterol level down and shed just over a stone.

Proactol The Natural Binder

Proactol is a clinically proven diet product that has been classed a Medical Device Type 1 and has been granted the CE mark
of approval

Proactol is produced and distributed from within the UK and is fully guaranteed for 6 months. If Proactol does not meet your expectation you are within your rights to return it for a refund.

It is available without GP interference or prescription and can be purchased direct from the product website – telephone orders are welsocomed at their Midlands based call centre.

Proactol is a safer, natural alternative to chemical based pharmaceutical and usually prescription only diet pills.

Currently a month supply will cost around £39 with discounts for quantity purchases – inputting the discount or eVoucher code CEBPR1 will entitle you to a 15% discount from 3 months packages and above plus also the latest Celebrity Diets ebook.

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