Amanda Hamilton Real Weight Loss

Amanda Hamilton Weight Loss

Amanda Hamilton’s Weight Loss Program is marketed as a genuine system for weight loss which centres around a personalised eating plan.

This plan is meant to assist you in shedding the pounds, without making you insane. In contrast to lots of other fad diets, this program does not need dieters to use any tablets or shakes, and calorie counting is not required either.

This diet program deviates from most of the comparable slimming products available; with bespoke eating and workout regimes which are not too difficult to adhere to.

Plenty of support is also on hand whenever you need it. This program attracted positive coverage on television shows such as GMTV and LK Today, and is based on years of research into nutrition and dieting.

Who Is Amanda Hamilton

The daughter of two PE teachers …”I grew up in a healthy household and represented my country in sport. As a nutritionist I began to see that the vast majority of people needed more than just a diet plan – they needed support, inspiration, to connect with others and of course, results!

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How Amanda Hamilton’s Diet Program Works

Upon beginning the plan, the initial five days are called the ‘cleanse’ phase. This is a straightforward cleanse based period, designed to be effective over the wintertime. You are supposed to have three meals and two snacks daily. These have standard ingredients in them and are simple to make.

The next stage is called the ‘re shaping’ phase, where a strategy is developed based upon your particular body type. Moreover, you are given a personalised meal plan and shopping list, which keeps the program extremely simple and easy. Should you become very lazy, you can even decide to get the meals sent to you at your house!

The final stage is called the ‘healthy-me’ phase, which is supposed to keep your weight off in the future. Once your target weight is achieved, your eating plans are tweaked to keep your body the shape it is.

Support Offered With Amanda Hamilton’s Diet Plan

Throughout the plan, you can get community support and go to all of the internet seminars broadcast to maintain your enthusiasm. Furthermore, videos and articles are produced daily to ensure that you remain on course. A feature named ‘Ask Amanda’ is offered where members can address any queries they have about their diets directly to Amanda for a personal reply.

After you have got used to adhering to the diet program and taken in all of the valuable tips, most users find that it is quite easy to adapt to their new style of life. Indeed, some customer testimonials indicate that sticking to the plan is easy because appetite cravings are constantly controlled.

Amanda Hamilton Diet Plan Summarised

If you dislike putting in an effort whenever cooking for one, then the program will fit you well. This plan makes everything straightforward and tries to get the most from your meals – which are normally fairly simple to put together, and need only a short time for preparation.

With the useful tips on stopping comfort eating and exercise routines to boot, this plan will conveniently fit into your routine each day, with scant effort from your end. Best of all, this program can be tailored specifically to reflect the quantity of weight you wish to get rid of.

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