TrimSecrets And Michelle Mone

Do TrimSecrets Slimming Pills Work

Trimsecrets-press2Trimsecrets have just introduced a new product into the market – The Double Strength Diet Pill to compliment the 5 Step Slimming Plan introduced previously.

TrimSecrets has an association with Jan De Vries, the herbalist and world famous Author.

Another recent association is model Michelle Mone who has been very active in the press telling her weight loss success story.

Michelle has lost nearly 5 stone attributing the new Double Strength diet pill as the catalyst.

The original 5 Step Slimming Plan was to try to combine a health diet regime and a natural herbal formula (diet capsule)

The 5 Step Slimming Plan underline this ideology

  1. Follow a healthy calorie controlled diet
  2. Keep hydrated and drink 1.5 – 2 lites of fluid a day
  3. Avoid stress and practise relaxation techniques
  4. Take one diet capsule before a meal three times per day
  5. Embark on an exercise routine regularly

TrimsecretsThe ideology is not exactly new nor revolutionary but nonetheless good advice:

The Diet pill that is used in tandem with the slimming plan has several ingredients such as Yerba Mate, Green tea Guarana Extract as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

The product is also suitable for vegetarians

Do Trim Secrets Double Strength Diet capsules Work

Stripping away all the spin and the celebrity endorsement we are left with a slimming plan that is rather simplistic and a diet pill that does not appear to have any clinical trial or science behind it – at least not yet.

TrimSecrets Side Effects

A natural and herbal based product and so unlikely to cause any side effects if taken as suggested.

Where To Buy Trimsecrets

Seems to be exclusive sold via the official TrimSecrets website – the likes of Boots, Superdrug and supermarket chains have not been exactly rushing to become stockists.

Alternative Diet Products

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