Dieting Tips On The Cheap

10 Tips For Dieting That Wont Cost A Penny

Dieting and trying to lose weight can be quite expensive. You could end up losing pounds as well as lbs!

With this in mind we have put together another top ten tips for losing weight that do not involve any fad diets or extravagant diet plans.

Losing weight usually means less not more.

1. Taking on plenty of fluids is essential for the weight loss process. Water is especially beneficial as it is very low in calories and will flush away harmful toxins

2. Season fruits and vegetables are also essential. Try to eat at least 5 of each per day. Fruits have phytochemicals that can prevent diseases.

3. Eat only when you feel hungry and enjoy your meal, Chew your food well before swallowing. Do not eat to point where you feel bloated, stuffed, or exhausted after eating. Avoid snacks while watching television especially after dinner.

4. Try to eat 4 or 5 smaller meals throughout the day. The classic 3 meals a day with the “big one” just before bed time is not good for the weight loss process.

5. According to the modern concept, a balanced diet with high but healthy protein and moderate carbohydrate along with regular fitness exercises helps best to reduce weight. Protein burns fat and conserves muscle mass.

6. Healthy food need not be bland – introduce spices into your menu. A sprinkle of herbs, salsa or pepper can add taste and not calories – avoid salt.

7. Opt for the ‘3H Food’ (Healthy, Home cooked, and Hygienic).

8. Use a smaller plate – you eat with your eyes and so a smaller plate will give the impression of a larger portion.

9. A cup of Vegetable or a cup of pasta? If you are a diet freak, then go for the cup of vegetable; you will save 100 to 200 calories!!

10. Do not rely on food as a stress buster. Comforting eating is not that comfortable especially where your waistline is concerned. In times of stress don’t reach for the biscuit tin – run up and down on the spot.

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