Chilli And Fat Burning

Does Chilli Burn Fat

The press like to highlight diet fads and low fat diets – one such “fad” that has well and truly removed the shackles of its “fad” status is the chilli diet.

Over the past 20 years experts within the field of weight loss have tried to tie up the correlation between chilli pepper (cayenne pepper) and fat burning.

Today many experts are in agreement that chilli pepper is one of the most effective fat burners but its how to utilize it that has been the problem.

Chilli pepper si extremely hot to the taste and when consumed it can lead to stomach irritation.

It has taken the invention of a product by a Scottish private company, Advanced Health to come up with the solution.


Advanced Health have created a weight loss capsule containing a high strength quantity of chilli pepper, the capsule has a special coating that stops the contents of the capsule from entering the stomach until it has reached the small intestines rendering the potential for gastric irritation null and void.

Capsiplex proved a big hit with consumers with a reported 1 million units sold in its first 6 months.

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