USN Diet Fuel Review UK

USN Diet Fuel Review

USN Diet Fuel is meant to represent the most advanced and recent meal replacement formula to boost lean muscle tissue and help enhance general health.

This supplement is an original meal re-placer that contains essential nutrients said to speed up the process of fat burning, and enable high quantities of micro-nutrients to be sustained, while an intensive exercise regime is adopted.

Just enough carbs are reportedly utilized within USN Diet Fuel to restore diminished glycogen, bolster your metabolic rate and fuel your workouts.

USN Diet Fuel has extremely low fat content and can be digested easily. It also tastes great and apparently provides a nutritious, valuable meal at any time of the day. This supplement is advertised as a powerful weapon for people of both genders, who wish to adopt the ideal nutrition to stimulate speedy and effective weight reduction.

Available in 3 variations: Chocolate, Strawberry and vanilla.

What Ingredients Does USN Diet Fuel Contain

USN Diet Fuel mixture is comprised of Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a high quantity of bio-available Calcium and N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which are all said to have been proven to aid the fat-loss process via various effective channels (not including stimulation of the central nervous system).

This formula has a large, 9% fibre content aimed at boosting levels of satiety. Hunger reduction is further encouraged by the inclusion, from various sources, of 25 grams of High Biological Value Protein. This stimulates PYY, which is a natural bodily hormone for weight-loss. The high calibre protein substrates also try to aid protein synthesis, by controlling levels of blood sugar to lessen cravings and promote general health.

The Claimed Advantages of USN Diet Fuel

  • Contains vital nutrients to encourage long-term, healthy weight loss
  • Includes high levels of active ingredients and fibre to reduce hunger
  • Lowers body fat whilst sustaining lean muscle mass
  • Produced with high calibre minerals and proteins to control levels of blood sugar

Users are meant to take this product by adding two rounded scoops of it (55 grams) to about 250 ml of skimmed milk (or cold h2o). This is then to be thoroughly mixed inside a shaker, or blender, for around half-a-minute. One to three servings each day are supposed to be consumed.


USN Diet Fuel is billed as a great meal replacement product and it is certainly nice to taste. It might well offer some appetite suppressing benefits and could help to maintain lean muscle mass to a certain extent.

Some customer reviews online seem to be positive, although there are others questioning the value of the ingredients, which are probably not present in sufficient quantities to result in any significant fat loss. Quite how well this product fills you up, compared to a normal sized meal, remains unclear and it may be better used as an in-between meal snack to limit your carb intake.

Overall then, this product is probably good for those wanting to tone up a little, but maybe not quite so suitable for those who are aiming for more substantial, long-term weight loss.

Holland and Barrett are the most likely high street stockist.

Recommended Alternative Diet Product

Cayenne pepper (capsicum or chilli pepper) is extremely efficient and effective at burning excess body fat. It is used as either a staple of combination ingredient in some of todays premier diet products.

Perhaps the most high profile chili fat burner is Capsiplex – The diet capsule that is arguably the best selling fat burner in the UK

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