Unique Hoodia Bioperine

Unique Hoodia Bioperine 30% More Effective

Unique Hoodia have just improved their formula and now claim to have increased the efficiency by 30%.

Bioperine has been introduced, it is a natural extract from the Piper Nigrum plant that increases the absorption of Hoodia by 30% this is turn starts the appetite suppressing effect much quicker than previously.

Bioperine has been clinically proven to be safe and extremely effective.

The ethos of Unique Hoodia has always been to contain just pure p57 hoodia powder and nothing else (no filler ingredients or artificial preservatives)

It could be argued that they have deviated away from this slightly by including Bioperine, but technically Bioperine is not an ingredient to cause an effect it is an agent that is used to increase the efficiency of an existing one.

With or without Bioperine Unique Hoodia is still the benchmark Hoodia product and distances itself from its rival by quite a margin.

If you are considering using an appetite suppressant give Unique Hoodia serious consideration.

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