The 7 Day Detox

7 Day Detox Review

Detox and cleansing weight loss products are becomming increasingly popular and run along side diet pil products rather tahn compete with them.

A supplement based detox product is replacing the more tradation colonic irrigation.

Colonic Irrigation is not a beneficial as once thought – the physical appartus can harm and there is a danger that the solution can remove not only the harmful toxins and bacteria but also the good.

Detox supplements beit a drink, capsule or pill are formulated to remove only the harmful toxins whilst leaving the good bacteria in tact. Read about Detox Supplements here

So what of the 7 Day Detox

What Is The 7 Day Detox

The 7-Day Detox is a supplement based detoxifier that claims to rid your body of toxins and harmful bacteria in just a week.

The official 7 Day Detox Website loses its integrity by making overhyped claims such “Women sets new weight loss world record” and “lose 24 pound in just 7 days

Is it is possible to lose nearly 2 stone in just a week – we think not.

7 Day Detox Ingredients

The inclusion of 34 of the strongest detox ingredients is a scattergun approach and would be easier for us to list the ingredients that are not present.

7 Day Detox Side Effects

The good news is that no side effects are been reported to date.

7 Day Detox Does It Work

Consumer reviews and testiomies try just that little bit too hard to convince – no accreditation has been sought nor any approval from the medical authorities that count to suggest that the manufactuers have confidence in this product

Should I Buy The 7 Day Detox

A UK dieter should not consider buying this – the most likely occurence will be asking for a refund. As the manufacturers is based in the USA this could prove problematic.

Alternative Detox Supplements

The UK based Pure Cleasne is better alternative. Click here to read about Pure Cleanse