Proaction Acai Proaction Hoodia

ProAction Hoodia ProAction Acai

Two products that are receiving a lot of attention are ProAction Hoodia and Proaction Acai – available to buy separately or as a combination diet tablet package.

Both Acai and Hoodia enjoy huge popularity as a genre – but often are involved in some rather dubious products that claim to contain both or either substances but often fail to deliver on both counts.

Without wishing to bring both products above (manufactured by the same company) in disrepute, its extremely hard to continue this review without drawing attention to the fact that they did, at one stage until recently, participate in a Free Trial Scheme.

The free trail involved shipping samples of each product for just the price of delivery – for this to happen a credit or debit card had to be used which resulted in many customers being enrolled in an autoship programme. The autoship program is designed so that a monthly fee usually about £30 was debited from the customers card until the customer cancelled.

The principle is great in theory but trying to cancel proved problematic to say the least to which the company behind the Proaction free trial received numerous complaints.

Needless to say the Free Trail is now no more.

But what about the products…

Pro Action Hoodia

Hoodia is a natural appetite suppressant and has received many column inches portraying its weight loss benefits. Hoodia has been used in the diet industry for the last decade. In April 2011 new EU legislation means that Hoodia can longer be bought or sold in the United Kingdom. How very odd that tabacco (that is prone to aiding the deterioration of health) is still an accepted product but Hoodia is not.

So unfortunately this rather sharply concludes the Pro Action Hoodia Review. Good, bad or indifferent it cannot be acquired within the British Isles.

Pro Action Acai

Acai is still very much legal in the eyes of the EU (how nice of them) it is accepted in many quarters to be the number 1 superfood that can benefit us in many ways.

Acai can not only aid the weight loss process but can also detoxify the system. Acai can also prevent and safeguard against disease.

ProAction Acai does elaborate to any great length as to what is included in the formula and the legitimacy of the Acai is questionable.


It is our opinion that Acai Plus from Evo Slimming is a superior product – the product itself contains Freeze Dried Acai berry and is also a product of the United Kingdom.

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